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Purpose and values

Unforgettable outdoor Outwell moments

We believe camping is for everyone and will inspire families to enjoy outdoor living.

Our Purpose and values
At Outwell, we are outdoor enthusiasts who delight in the joy of camping and recognize the benefits that our great pastime brings to us, our family and our friends.

We believe camping is for everyone and we want to inspire families to enjoy outdoor living as much as we do.

Unforgettable Outdoor Family Moments
To do this and help build those precious memories of unforgettable outdoor family moments we use our Scandinavian heritage, insight and innovation to bring a complete range of premium equipment to the market.

And, in doing so, we continuously shape the future of family camping in Europe so that everyone’s outdoor experience improves through our first-in-the-field ideas, drive and inspiration.

The Joys of Outdoor Living
Our desire to inspire and share the joys of outdoor living drives us as pioneering innovators and as the leaders in design we challenge norms and create contemporary products. Ease of use, practicality and superior comfort is crucial to us. We ensure that everything Outwell provides the perfect foundation for camping and outdoor living.

This includes the selection of best materials and through continuous testing we commit ourselves to offer products that perform to and exceed expectations. After all, we respect that time is precious and passionately strive to create the right carefree environment for you to live your quality time in comfort and safety.