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Replacing a fibreglass poles' elasticated cord

Has the elasticated cord in your tent pole frayed or snapped? Well, rest assured, it is no big issue – it is only there to make pitching easier by ensuring the sections stay together while you thread them through the sleeves and place under tension.

The lack of an elastic cord in no way affects the tent integrity.

It is also easy to replace either in the field or once back home. You just need to buy some elasticated cord… We supply around 5m of 3mm diameter cord in our pole kits but 2.5mm and 3mm is readily available online or from outdoor retailers.

First remove the old cord and ensure you identify the order that the poles go back together. While not imperative with an Outwell tent you do find that the pole sections can sometimes vary in other models and you also want to make sure that you have the right end poles if you want to avoid rethreading everything.

Tie a knot in one end of the cord

Feed the other end through the pole.

On the rare occasions you find a pole difficult to thread then use wire to help it through. We supply a narrow twisted gauge wire in our pole replacement kits. This has a loop one end to take the cord.

Although we advise taping the cord to the wire it is easier to slightly crimp the loop to ensure the wire and cord pass easily through the pole’s 4mm diameter hole.

Simply push the wire and the cord will follow.

Pull through once it appears at the end of a section. The knot should be pulled through the metal socket to lie tight against the fibreglass section.

As you complete each section connect it to the preceding threaded section. Once you reach the final section stretch the cord out around 16cm to allow enough slack for when the pole is folded.

Tie a knot in the working end of the cord and tuck into the metal socket. Job done.

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