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Comfort is key

sardis lake

This year, Per (dad), Liv (mum) and their children Gry (5 years) and twins Ella and Asta (2 years) visited Holmens Camping in Skanderborg with friends, Mads and Annette, and found furniture perfection in their Sardis Lake sofa.

This year,'s end of season camping venue was the beautiful Danish site, Holmens Camping in Skanderborg. It's a fantastic place made perfect by the superb weather. We enjoyed the last late-summer heat spending quality time fishing, playing mini golf, and taking advantage of the water park with our good friends, Mads and Anette. And in the evenings we kicked back and chatted about the joys of camping life and compared tips and gear we used.

We all agreed that comfort goes a long way to make a camping holiday. In fact, we regard comfort and design crucial if you want to get the most out of the experience. And this is especially important when considering furniture. While we like the way Outwell furniture and accessory colours fit together, it was interesting to see preferences varied between my choice of subdued shades and the men's love of fresh  colour for accessories, such as rugs, blankets and the like.

However, we all loved the luxurious thick padding provided by our Sardis Lake sofa as it really increases comfort levels. And, of course, it is so nice to snuggle up and sit side by side on cold evenings – especially when camping out of season when temperatures quickly drop. Our comfy Sardis Lake is so versatile and provides maximum return on our investment.. Not only do we use it for relaxation but we have also used it at the dining table to seat unexpected guests visiting us on the campsite.

Our sofa is part of the Outwell Relax Collection and we would love to add some more furniture from this range but for the constant struggle for space. The Kentucky Lake moon chair is high on our list, as is the Tally Lake. New for 2020, the Tally Lake looks like it has a nice and supportive  back. This is especially important for we have all had bad experiences when relaxing on low back chairs. Comfort just isn't the same without proper head and back support.

Packed size is always very important – especially if you have little space to store furniture at home or have limited room in the car. But, comfort has to also be considered and our choice of sofa was eventually decided by the two seats provided. They are big. In fact, big enough to seat our two men in comfort. And this has turned our Sardis Lake into a camping essential.

We also love the fact that the space the Sardis Lake provides means we can sit with our children without falling off or feeling trapped. In fact, it is proving so popular we have even considered purchasing another sofa but think it may be quickly swiped by our children and friends...!

If our Sardis Lake is now a camping essential then so is our tent carpet and a choice of blankets for our small children. Yes, a tent carpet is an optional extra but, like us, most family campers consider them vital for underfoot comfort and a warm, soft play surface that insulates their children from the cold, hard ground. They pack away small, too. We also take blankets that perfectly complement our tent carpet by adding fun colours and a warm inviting nest for our children to snuggle into for a daytime nap when sleep calls.

We've recently added Outwell Constellation Comforter blankets to our camping gear – the next-to-skin softness and super comfortable luxurious warmth mean they are simply so nice to use when sitting outside in the evening. And they can also be used in the car when on the road to and
from the campsite. They are the perfect addition for camping comfort...