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Seahaven Comfort Stations

An ensuite at the campsite? Yes, please! Discover the joy of taking your own shower and toilet to the campsite with Outwell’s new and hassle-free comfort stations

Love camping, but aren’t so keen on the communal toilet and shower experience? Or maybe you’re thinking of going off-grid and don’t fancy giving up washing for the days you’re away?
Outwell’s new Seahaven Comfort Stations are the answer, providing your own private shower and toilet just outside your tent. 

No more traipsing to the toilet block in the middle of the night. No more waiting for a free shower cubicle. And no more worrying about the cleanliness of shared facilities. Not when you have your own easy pitching ensuite that provides everything you need for the best outdoor shower and toilet experience.

So, what makes our comfort stations so special?
First of all, they’ve been specially designed by campers for campers. This means they’re not only long lasting, robust, and oh-so-easy to pitch. They’ve also got everything you could possibly need for a comfortable shower. Such as full standing height ceilings, handy pockets for shower gel and shampoo, a rail for hanging your towel.

The shower itself easily hangs from the ceiling to give you the best water flow and is solar heated for warmth. The clever flooring means you won’t end up standing in a muddy puddle, while drainage holes ensure the water filters away properly.

To make things extra comfy while you wash, the comfort stations have UV protection to keep the sun’s rays at bay and offer plenty of ventilation to keep air flowing. So you leave the shower feeling refreshed and not sticky!

Available as both a single or double, Outwell Seahaven Comfort Stations are lightweight and easy to carry. Use the single as a shower and toilet in one (just move the portable toilet out while you shower). Or glamp up with the double and have a shower one side and toilet the other.

Great for families and couples alike, once you’ve tried an Outwell comfort station, you’ll wonder how you ever camped without one. 

*(Toilet and solar shower is not included)