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Wing Lounge

Adding versatile space and style to our tents with its conservatory effect the Outwell Wing Lounge fills the living area with light. The large window area and wide views help to connect with the outdoors whilst being sheltered from the elements.

Whether playing games or relaxing with a book, it offers a window on the world to enjoy in comfort. The extra space is perfect for adding more seating and allows more dining options to be explored. The Wing Lounge played a key part in our Airville 6SA winning ‘Tent of the Year’ in the Camping Magazine 2020 Awards.

For 2021, more of our tents now include this popular feature to meet demand. On some tent designs, it can open fully, with a mesh screen for insect-proofing. Use the extra space for relaxing, eating or playing games. The Wing Lounge gives you a family tent with a wide, spacious living area.

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