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Outwell first in the field

At Outwell we never say: "That's good enough!" We continually assess, refine, develop and then introduce functional features in our exceptional tent collections every year. All our products are designed to meet practical needs and to raise our standards of home-from-home comfort. 

We never stop striving to improve. Who else but Outwell could have come up with the highly efficient One-go Inflation Technology or the Wind Stabilizer System? That’s Outwell. Often copied, never bettered! And this continues into 2018…


The journey is one of many avenues and one we work hard to address while recognizing the miles yet to cover.

Caring Choice provides products developed to reduce our impact on the environment through the use of recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing techniques.

In 2024 our Caring Choice products will estimated collectively recycle plastic waste equivalent to 1,7 million plastic bottles.

We recognise that action needs to be taken now to protect our world for future generations. Caring Choice is just one step on the road we navigate towards our sustainability goals...

Outwell Caring Choice


If you have problems positioning your campervan in relation to your drive-away awning, then you’ll love our Removable Access Zone (RAZ) Alignment System.

Found on Crossville, Jonesville and Wolfburg models that feature a Removable Access Zone, the system has been designed to minimise the need to move vehicle or awning during set up and reconnection after an away day.

Simply match coloured patches found on the awning, Access Zone and Access Zone groundsheet to perfectly and easily align your vehicle on the first attempt.

The RAZ Alignment System is another example of how Outwell improves your camping experience. 

RAZ Alignment System


Drive Away Ready is our latest innovation to simplify and ease the connection of a drive-away awning to your vehicle. When you are ready to leave camp for the day’s adventure, just unzip the detachable Link Access Zone from the awning and remove from the vehicle. 

Pack away and you’re ready to go once you’ve used a tent peg to mark out where your front wheel goes. On your return just drive up to a pre-marked position and you’re ready to zip in and attach the Link Access Zone to quickly secure the awning to the vehicle for a weather-tight seal. It’s so simple and fast.

Drive Away Ready


Introducing our Outwell Nightlight System (Patented) that brings the cosy atmosphere created by a light chain to our new and updated Imerpial Air Tents and Superior Air Touring vehicle awnings. 

The Outwell Nightlight System (ONS) offers practical home convenience to camping life after dark and cements our position as the innovative family camping brand bringing Scandinavian practicality to feature development that directly improves life outdoors.

The integrated soft ONS light allows you to move around or leave a tent or awning in the night without the need to find a torch or risk its harsh beam waking other occupants. It also provides a gentle welcoming porch light on your return, highlighting the door zip for easy access.

The secret to this Outwell exclusive lies in the use of our unique HookTrack System. This has been modified to include an embedded fibre optic element that is lit by a rechargeable power source located in a pocket at one end of the HookTrack bead. Campers control the light via the coded radio remote – it´s almost too easy! And you can still use the HookTrack bead as a hanging point!

This dual hanging and light application ensures our HookTrack System maximises practical versatility for carefree life outdoors in comfort, safety and style. 

Outwell Nightlight System 

Rapid Guyline Adjuster

Twist – adjust – twist to lock. This is the simple and efficient way to quickly tension or release a guyline for perfect pitching. 

And the new Outwell branded cap hides this latest function with a chic new look.

Rapid Guyline Adjuster

Outtex® 6000 Endurance RS

4 x stronger than our standard material

Live life outdoors anytime, anywhere with our top of the league material – Outtex® 6000 Endurance RS. This is a densely woven fabric with the addition of a double wall ripstop (RS) to make it four times stronger than our standard materials. Its exceptional strength and ability to prevent small tears spreading means the fabric can handle whatever you throw at it, making it a great investment that will last for years. Further, Endurance RS boasts a 6,000 Hydrostatic 


Head to withstand any downpour, while a UPF 50+ rating keeps you safe on sunny days. This new fabric is the material in all our Superior Air tents.

Built to survive nature’s extremes - The ultimate Outwell fabric for all-weather touring and life outdoors
Double wall ripstop makes it extremely strong. Tough enough to handle even the most extreme weather.
6,000 hydrostatic head to withstand any downpour

Outtex® 6000 Endurance RS

Quick & Quiet Access - 2021

The development of our award-winning Outwell Quick & Quiet Inner Door innovation is a huge success on the camp sites. An award-winning feature based on its ingenuity, simplicity and practical value. Its soft and silent magnet closure ensures no disturbance by noisy zip opening through the night as well as enabling easy access. 

We have extended the practical use of our innovation by developing the Quick & Quiet System for the wall between the living area and the third zone in our three-zone camping tents. 


The Quick & Quiet Access now features in our three-zone family tents in the Imperial, Superior, Prime Air and Premium collections.

Our Quick & Quiet Access uses magnetic strip closure backed by a zipper for a complete seal. It features large mesh windows with zip-up curtains plus pockets for the storage of smaller items.

Quick & Quiet Access

Wing Lounge - 2020-2021

Adding versatile space and style to our tents with its conservatory effect the Outwell Wing Lounge fills the living area with light. The large window area and wide views help to connect with the outdoors whilst being sheltered from the elements. Whether playing games or relaxing with a book, it offers a window on the world to enjoy in comfort. The extra space is perfect for adding more seating and allows more dining options to be explored. 

The Wing Lounge played a key part in our Airville 6SA winning ‘Tent of the Year’ in the Camping Magazine 2020 Awards. For 2021, more of our tents now include this popular feature to meet demand. On some tent designs, it can open fully, with a mesh screen for insect-proofing. Use the extra space for relaxing, eating or playing games. The Wing Lounge gives you a family tent with a wide, spacious living area.

Wing Lounge

Sleep comfort - 2021

There’s so much more to experiencing Outwell sleep comfort than our comfy beds and cosy sleeping bags. Our designers have created a complete solution for you to enjoy great nights asleep in our large bedrooms. Cutting out external light sources in our spacious bedrooms by using Dark Inners and dark flysheet panels is complemented by our Outwell Quick & Quiet Inner Doors for silent access.


- Quick & Quiet inner doors
- Dark Inner
- Dark fabric in panel above the inner tent
- Spacious bedrooms

Quick & Quiet Inner Doors - 2020

There’s no need to fumble with bedroom doors any longer with the new Outwell inspired design that avoids the unwelcome intrusion of zips being sought and slid open noisily in the dead of night. Outwell Quick & Quiet Inner Door innovation allows you to leave and access bedrooms by slipping through without waking other campers in the tent. 

With a column of silent, fuss-free magnets running securely down the center, and zips along the floor, they seal access and cut out light but can be opened and closed easily without a sound with just one hand. For added flexibility and preference, each door is backed a zipper for a double seal when needed.

Quick & Quiet Inner Doors

HookTrack System - 2020

Our innovative Outwell HookTrack System is a smart, yet simple concept designed to deliver safety and convenience for you that is reliable in function and easy to use. It enables the wires for lighting and other electrical devices to be routed securely out of the way to avoid accidental damage and trip hazards. Plus, it allows lights to be positioned where needed and for light items to be aired on lines.

Led Tracking

Attach HookTrack clips to the discreet piping to allow the neat and secure fitting of Outwell LED strip lights to add a new dimension in tent living.

Hanging lines

As HookTrack piping runs the full length of the tent frame, it allows for clips to be used to attach horizontal lines to hang light items such as tea towels.



HookTrack System

Moveable Front - 2020

Offering a simple yet original means of extending the versatility of tent design, the Outwell Movable Front is made up of several elements – door, mesh, curtain and window – that can be simply moved and re-attached at the front of the canopy to create extra internal space, sheltered from the weather, as required. 

The flexibility of enjoying a deep canopy for sun and rain protection plus cutting out the wind when dining or having a social get-together is a real plus. A toggle-up bathtub groundsheet for the canopy area is included.

Moveable Front

Outwell Panorama - 2019

Outwell PANORAMA incorporates our panorama openings that create a versatile, expansive, bright and airy living space to comfortably keep you close to your surroundings in all weathers. This is achieved in inclement conditions through large tinted windows, efficient vent positioning and four zip slides that allow numerous front door options, including the ability to crack open the top to enhance air flow. When the sun shines, the whole front opens for hazard-free access and to bring the Inside Out so you can enjoy nature to the full.

360° Access System - 2019

Outwell Panorama includes our 360° Access System to inners for different opening options, including some not normally found in today’s family tents. A single zip allows the inner door to fold neatly away into a pocket to create 

huge hazard-free access and extend inner space into the living area and beyond. Four zip-sliders allow the inner door to fold down veranda-style to engage with the open tent front for an open-air sleeping experience with privacy. 

360° Access System 

Smaller tents

Smaller tent designs have been introduced into each collection whilst maintaining the essential signature style, quality and innovative features that characterise the Outwell brand. Anticipating evolving market perceptions and demands, each offers a smaller pack size and weight with no compromise in comfort and performance.

Collaps Collection

The superb Outwell Collaps Collection has grown from its groundbreaking ‘First in the Field’ launch several years ago to a wide range of ingenious silicone designs for discerning campers.

Year on year, the collection has been enhanced and extended with new products and colours. With its unique blend of innovation, inspired design and vibrant colours, the hugely successful kitchenware, tableware and storage solutions have become an essential part of our one-stop shop
approach to family camping.

It continues to lead the field with a unique combination of innovation and superb style updated for 2018 with two new colours (Deep Blue and Terracotta) and new designs that deliver practical performance.

Collaps Collection

Self-inflating coolbags - 2018

Our smart coolbags make going to the beach or the park fashionable with their chic appearance, stylish colours and functional design credentials. Combined with reliable performance, easy care materials, flexible carrying options and range of sizes, they’re ideal for picnics, parties and outdoor events.

The Outwell Pelican range uses air insulation allied to aluminium foil linings in three designs, including a versatile duffle style, that will keep contents cool for approx. 15 hours. Their self-inflating design means they function with the same principle as inflatable sleep mats. Easy to deflate, they can be folded flat for storage and re-inflated in seconds when needed. Their insulated internal linings are leak-proof whilst the large zipped opening offers easy access.

Furniture - 2018

Our Scandinavian design heritage is very much to the fore in our new Furniture Collection from the lightweight concept and colour palette to functional design detail. With a wide variety of distinctive seating solutions for outdoor family comfort on site, at the beach or in the garden, it’s a clear market leader.

Smart furniture

designed to meet the needs of discerning campers

Bedroom with ample of space

Royal master bedroom - 2017

The three new bedrooms provide the extra space and headroom required for easy mobility and the use of bedroom furniture, like bedside tables. Common features throughout include a cable port that brings mains power to the bedside for lights, tablets and more. 

Outwell Air Flow Control Valve - 2017

We have created our unique and highly efficient Outwell Air Flow Control Valve for use on self-inflating mats to address slow inflation/deflation speeds, the difficulties experienced folding away self-inflating mats and the complicated fine-tuning firmness to suit individual preferences. This new valve design is durable and reliable and features a mesh filter to protect internal components from contamination. 

Easy and positive to operate through three positions – one-way open inflation; closed with the facility to blow in more air if required; and open with non-return facility for rapid deflation and simple stress-free packing away. A video of our highly efficient AFC valve in action can be found here.

Outwell Air Flow Control Valve

Fast and easy inflation and deflation for self-inflating mats

Rear ventilation - 2017

Our Rear Ventilation System offers versatile easily-accessible zip-control to tailor air flow around the tent via mesh panels that now offer more surface area. The new design provides a sleeker, more aerodynamic finish to the tent for enhanced weather performance.

Tent roof with thermo reflective coating

Thermo-reflective coating - 2017

Our Thermo-reflective coating has been applied to the inner surface of the outer tent above the bedroom to act as a barrier against radiant heat. It works in conjunction with our Night Sky Ceiling to create the ideal ambience for sleep comfort by controlling heat and light levels.

Outtex® 6000HD - 2017

Outwell 6000 HD Taslon polyester used in Outwell tents and caravan awnings, has undergone a special process to create a dense-weave fabric that resembles canvas. When combined with special treatments it becomes extremely tough and resilient compared to standard polyesters used in these products.

Outwell family camping tent

Extended Canopy System - 2015

Building on the tent extension concept, we have developed a versatile canopy for the Deluxe Collection for campers to benefit from several pitching options for additional shade, shelter and privacy. The canopy can be adjusted quickly in changing conditions.

Inflatable family tents

Air stability system - 2015

Smart Air tents inflate through one valve as the tubes are all connected. This system for our new Air Collection of inflatable tents delivers a simple yet effective method of pitching as the Air tents have individual tubes that are inflated separately.

Embossed flysheets and inners on family tents

Embossed flysheet and inners - 2013

Adding to the smart style of many of our top tents, the polyester fabrics selected enjoy subtle embossing with the Outwell logo which lifts their appearance and sends a discreet message that the owners pick only the best for their family’s camping.

Hybrid frame system

Hybrid frame system - 2013

Our Outwell Hybrid Frame System uses Duratec fibreglass poles to connect tough steel structural poles. The resulting solid freestanding structure has enabled us to develop enhanced ventilation and customisable tents and shelters that can be tailored to a camper’s needs using of zip-in pods.

Inflatable family tent with one-go inflation

One-go inflation technology - 2013

The Outwell One-go Inflation Technology allows the camper to plug a pump into a single inlet valve and inflate a tent in a minute. No moving the pump between individual air tubes – just plug in, pump up and go! The simple-to-pitch and highly effective frame links uprights via an apex tube that also acts as a ridge pole for increased rigidity. In the unlikely event of damage, each individual upright assembly can be isolated using valves to prevent the frame from fully deflating and to facilitate easy repair.

Tinted windows keeps out the suns glare

Tinted windows - 2012

An all-new innovation for this season, our tinted windows provide protection from the sun and add to a camper’s privacy while maintaining views out.

Luminous guylines

Floating guyline system - 2012

Our Floating Guyline System has two Mocca lines leading to a single luminous line that pegs out. The System is easier to pitch and minimises the amount of lines to trip over. Plus, the eye-catching optical illusion created by the colours adds to the tent’s streamlined look, with the luminous guy appearing to float above the ground.

Easy pegging system - 2011

Special use of three different colour-coded types of pegs ensures pitching is both straightforward and contributes to the inherent stability of any Outwell tent. Here, we use grey anchor steel pegs at each corner, black plastic pegs for general pegging out, and luminous pegs to complement the guylines. Simple, but so highly effective.

Wind stabilizer system - 2011

The highly effective Outwell Wind Stabilizer System directly attaches outer, pole and guy line to create superb strength and stability in gale force winds. That’s real peace of mind for you and all the family.

Wind stabilizer system

Luminous guylines, piping and dry zip - 2011

Not content with leading the way with luminous guylines over a decade ago, we added complementary luminous piping on the main tent panels. Plus, our Dry Zip System provides special luminous coverings that prevent water getting in anywhere along important zipping points.

Fun games for kids on camping

Game walls and kids room - 2010

Introduced with our Fantasy Collection of tents, these features are all about fun for everyone, and a key innovation to prove how Outwell puts families first. This was recognised by the readers of Camping, the UK’s leading magazine for life under canvas, when the Fantasy Collection was awarded the prestigious title, Tent of the Year 2010. The Kids Rooms are no longer in production.

Add an extension or awning to your tent

Extensions and awnings - 2008/09

We came up with the extension concept in 2008, followed a year later by a complete range of awnings. Simply, each allows you to add a further dimension to your Outwell tent when it’s needed – whether you want to add an extension for extra shelter or a whole awning for an additional, fully enclosed room.

Extra headroom in the tent

Extended frame system - 2008

The Outwell Extended Frame System is also unique. Here again, there is superior headroom and maximum stability, thanks to the initial strength of the tent’s main poles being able to support an offshoot pole via a cleverly designed special junction that also brings extra stability all-round.

Warm carpets under foot in your tent

Carpets and footprints - 2007

We were first to introduce the concept of carpets and footprints back in 2007. Carpets are for supreme in-tent underfoot comfort, ensuring a cosy, warm and homely feeling. A footprint adds an extra dimension of insulation as well as protecting the main groundsheet from direct contact with the ground, thus effectively extending the life of the tent.

Sealed groundsheet - 2005

An early example of Outwell’s practical thinking. By keeping the groundsheet as an integral part of the tent we were able to offer unique all-weather protection – from the ground upwards. A sealed-in groundsheet really is the most effective way of keeping as much mud and dirt as possible out of the tent. And it ensures no unwanted little guests in your tent!