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Top Camping Tips

Top Camping Tips by Julia Bradbury

We were honoured to have UK TV presenter, broadcaster and outdoor advocate, Julia Bradbury, visit our stand at the October Birmingham NEC show.

 And, as Julia is the President of the Camping and Caravanning Club, we took the opportunity to ask her ten questions about her camping life.

What benefits do you think families can draw from outdoor life?
The list is endless and I could bang on for hours and hours but to me camping isn't all about the actual camping, it’s about finding a beautiful outdoor location that you feel happy in and you think differently when you have an entirely new set of functions to perform and there is a freedom away from the routines at home.

Where is your favourite area in the UK for camping?
I am always drawn back to the Lake District, as it has something for everyone and the setting for the Camping and Caravanning Club Site in Keswick is breathtaking. 

What do you look for in a campsite and have you any favourite sites?
Cleanliness is always key, especially the loos!

What is your best family camp/camping experience to date?
As Matt Baker (fellow TV presenter) is godfather to one of my twin girls, I would count him as family and one of the funniest experiences I had was camping with him in the New Forest when he appeared wearing a duvet onesie in bright red. He looked hilarious! 

What is your favourite camping pastime and why?
Sitting round the fire with the kids eating s’mores. See Julia's s'more recipe here.

Julia Bradbury's 'The Outdoor Guide'

Introducing The Outdoor Guide – or TOG for short. The website has been set up by Julia and her sister, Gina, to pull in all sorts of information for everyone who enjoys the outdoors. You don’t     have to be an enthusiast. You might enjoy a ramble with friends, or family camp, or visiting a lovely country pub after exploring a chocolate-box village or taking the dog for a walk. You’ll find TOG has plenty for you, from walks, gear, news, camping and more…

The Outdoor Guide

What are your considerations when choosing gear?
Functional, trendy and where possible environment friendly.

What cannot you do without when camping?

What is your family luxury?
Anything to keep me warm! I go by the three W’s: 
• Waterproofs 
• Warm clothes 
• Wet wipes!

What do your children enjoy most about outdoor life and camping?
Camping can be enjoyed in many guises, even in the back garden where the kids can enjoy a taste of independence while under the watchful eye of mum and dad from the house. I remember those days well!

What advice would you offer other family campers?
Invest in a good camping mattress. A good sleep makes a good camping trip.

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