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Lamb Lollipops

Lamb Lollipops - Lemon Cous Cous and Griddled Vegetables

Lamb is probably my favourite meat. It’s great to do on the barbecue and you don’t need to overcook it – I personally like my lamb a bit pink

This one is called Lamb Lollipops because you can use trimmed lamb cutlets and hold the bone ‘lollipop style’ to eat the lamb. Of course the recipe works equally well with lamb chops… just a little messier to eat with your hands!

Serves four

8 Lamb cutlets (two each) Ask the butcher to French trim them if you want the lollipop effect.
2 heaped tsp Coriander seeds
2 heaped tsp Cumin seeds
2 garlic cloves chopped
½ Red chilli
Olive oil

200g cous cous
Zest of one lemon
1 stock cube
Salt and pepper
Olive oil

1 aubergine sliced lengthways
2 courgette sliced lengthways
1 fennel bulb sliced lengthways
1 red pepper sliced into 1 cm strips
2 garlic cloves chopped finely
Fresh Herbs of your choice

Get Prepping... 
Put the stock powder in a large bowl and mix in the cous cous. Add 300ml of boiling water cover and let it do its thing.

Prepare your spice rub. Put the coriander seeds, cumin seeds, two garlic cloves, red chilli, lemon zest and a decent glug of olive oil into a pestle and mortar and beat into a paste. Alternatively put it all in a sturdy freezer bag, seal and crush with a rolling pin or wine bottle.

Put the rub mix into a freezer bag, along with lamb cutlets, squidge it about to cover the lamb. Leave for as long as you can − at least two hours.

Get Cooking...
Heat up the grill or hot plate. 

Put your lamb cutlets on the grill. Depending on thickness it will need about five minutes on each side.

Put the prepared aubergine, courgette, fennel and peppers, garlic, glug of olive oil and herbs in a big bowl and mix gently with your hands, making sure the oil covers all the veg. 

Lay them on the grill, griddle or hot plate. Keep a close eye and turn them occasionally until they have softened and got lovely char-grilled marks on them. 

Grate lemon zest over the cous cous, season and fluff up with a fork.

Put a serving of cous cous on a plate, pile on the griddled veg on top.

Check the lamb is cooked to your liking and serve with the cous cous and veg.