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Flysheet Materials

We tailor Outwell fabrics to meet specific needs of the targeted family camper.

The technology behind each fabric works in synergy with the tent’s design to provide the best possible performance and ensure the perfect holiday experience. When it comes to designing a family tent we consider every aspect in order to meet and exceed expectations.

This includes the materials used and we work closely with material manufacturers to create unique quality fabrics that enhance performance to ensure a family can camp in comfort, safety and style.

 All our fabrics are based on either 100 per cent polyester fibres that are treated and woven to maximise resistance to UV-light and the rigours of outdoor life, or our own blend of cotton and polyester to produce a  reathable technical cotton that helps maintain a tent’s microclimate at a comfortable level no matter the outside temperature while minimising condensation.

Our polyester fabrics are PU-coated to provide an elevated level of waterproofness while the tight weave of our polycotton fabric, aided by a durable water repellent treatment, resists water penetration until the cotton swells to close the gaps in the weave against water entry. Water vapour can still pass across the fabric to prevent condensation forming.


Outtex 3000

Our standard tent material, the hardworking Outtex® 3000 Select is anything but standard. Ideal for general camping, the fabric is a great-all-rounder that will keep you dry and comfortable throughout your summer camping holidays. So you can kick back and relax. Made from high quality polyester with a weight of just 64g/m2, it’s lighter than our other tent fabrics making it a brilliant choice for touring and shorter breaks.

The material’s Taffeta weave offers strength and breathability, while all-weather protection comes from its special features. These include a UPF 30+ rating for in-built sun protection and a waterproof PU-coating with a 3,000 hydrostatic head. This means the tent can handle all but the most extreme weather conditions. The fabric also is fire resistant with a CPAI-84 rating, which is the industry standard for anti-flammability.


Outtex 4000

Looking for a tough, high quality tent fabric that can meet the rough and tumble of outdoor family life? The Outtex® 4000 Select fits the bill perfectly. The Taffeta polyester weave is stronger and more durable than our standard tent material, making it even more resistant to rips and tears. While the material’s waterproof PUcoating has a 4,000 hydrostatic head, which is 30% higher than our standard material.

This makes it watertight even on the rainiest days. As most campers like to follow the sun, you’ll be pleased to know the fabric also has a UPF 30+ rating, to keep yourbfamily safe from harmful rays. A little heavier than the standard model due to the extra strength and waterproofing, the fabric weighs 73g/m2, which is still pretty lightweight for easy travels. A CPAI-84 rating, which is the industry standard for fire resistant tent materials rounds up the fabric’s features.




Do you love to camp throughout the year? Then you need to go pro. Made for serious campers, Outtex® 6000 Pro is a top-level polyester fabric that is packed with amazing features. Like the reinforced Oxford weave that makes it tougher and more resistant to rips and tears than other polyester fabrics. Or the PU waterproof coating with a whopping 6,000 hydrostatic head, which is twice that of our standard tent fabric.

The higher the hydrostatic head, the more waterproof a tent is – and the 6000 Pro offers peace of mind, whatever the weather. The 6000 Pro also has our highest level of sun protection, with a UPF 50+ rating to keep you safe from harmful rays. These additional features do make the fabric slightly heavier than our other polyester materials, weighing in at 108g/m2. But this is still light enough for easy carrying from car to campsite. As expected, the material meets the industry standard CPAI-84 rating for fire resistance




The Outtex® Airtech takes camping comfort to new levels. Made from polycotton, which is a polyester and cotton mix; this material combines the best of both fabrics. Extra breathable, the material keeps the tent fresh and ventilated, even on the hottest or most humid of days. While on rainy days, the Outtex® Airtech’s special water repellent coating and dense weave means rain will bead and roll off. At the same time, the fabric’s natural fibres will swell, increasing the water resistance yet allowing water vapour to escape, eliminating condensation inside the tent.

Another amazing feature is that the fabric’s heavy weight acts like a noise barrier, blocking ambient sounds from outside while you’re in the tent so it is easier to relax during the day and sleep at night. Polycotton is not a light material, weighing in at 210g/m2, and therefore not suited for backpacking or touring. But it is exceptionally tough and durable, offering the ultimate in camping comfort for family summer holidays for many years to come.




Stay safe from the elements all day long with the Outtex® 1500 Select Silver. This high quality, lightweight polyester fabric with a weight of XXg/m2 has a special heat reflective silver coating, which helps to keep things shady and cool when you’re sitting under it. Sun protection comes from the UPF 50+ rating, so the whole family can happily eat, dine and play in comfort. While a PU-coating works as a waterproof barrier, providing a 1,500 hydrostatic head.

This is easily enough to cope with light to moderate rain showers. For extra safety, the material is also fire resistant, giving you the perfect cover for summer fun in the garden, park or campsite.




With a UPF 50+ rating, Outtex® 1500 Pro Silver material has been designed to keep you safe from the sun. This hardwearing polyester fabric with a weight of XXg/m2 features an Oxford weave, which is stronger and more durable than standard weave, making it a great choice for windy beaches, gardens or campsites. A heat-reflective silver coating on the inner helps keep the fabric cooler and more comfortable to sit under.

Rain protection comes in the form of a special PU-coating, which adds a waterproof barrier and hydrostatic head of 1,500. This will keep you dry in light and moderate rain showers. On top of this, the material is fire resistant, so you and your family can stay protected all summer long.