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Autumn camping

Just because summer moved on it doesn’t mean that the camping season is over. Autumn camping is indeed a thing – weekend get-aways or perhaps a longer stay out in nature is lovely even though the temperature is dropping, and the sun is hiding behind a cloudy sky.

An important thing to consider when you go camping in a colder environment is the equipment that will keep you warm in shoulder months. 

A patio heater will warm up the tent and give a cosy feeling to your home from home – see our Fuji Electric Camping/Patio Heater or maybe our Katla Camping Heater. 

A warm sleeping bag is essential to keep warm at night. Choose a 3-4 season bag and keep warm even when the temperature drops below cero degrees. Consider a hooded sleeping bag for the ultimate warm bag. During your sleep you lose a lot of heat through your head. A hood helps you lock this heat in, so you stay warmer. 

A good layer between you and the ground also adds to a comfortable, warm nights sleep. And why not add the Sumptuous comfort of a 10 or 12 cm mattress or the extra luxury of a 16 cm SIM? 

Finally, the comfort of a carpet to lay on the tent floor in your living room area will secure warm feet even in colder months.


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