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New Year Camping

New years camping in Yorkshire

Over the years I am certain we have all seen in the New Year in a wide variety of ways. Mark and Janette Songhurst certainly have: the large party; the quiet evening with family; a civilised meal with friends; a slightly less civilized safari supper...

But in 2013 they tried something different – they went camping! Mark takes up the story.

Now before you all run to your sleeping bags for extra warmth at the very thought of this, let me take you on an adventure.

In 2013 we braved New Year camping certain in the knowledge that our Robens tent (the Outwell sister-brand we use for winter) could withstand almost anything that the weather threw at it. And indeed it stood firm against the 60mph winds we experienced. For those of you who were at home listening to Vanessa Feltz on Radio 2 that 2013 New Years Eve and heard some weird bloke speaking to Vanessa from a campsite, that was me.

So what inspired us to go for a second year? Quite simply it’s an amazing way to spend a New Year. And seeing 2015 in with Outwell and Robens friends, both old and new, was brilliant. In total there were nine adults, one teenager and four children.

It was cold – outside the tent. But we had chosen a site with electric and so one of the essentials is an electric heater. This heated our tent during the day and was turned down on an evening will keep the chill off.

As always layers of clothing kept us warm – as did the log burner in the communal bell tent. Other than a warm cosy sleeping bag we find that is all you need in addition to your normal camping gear.

I imagine by now you must think I have completely lost the plot. After all, what can you possible do on a campsite at New Year? We are very lucky that Saxdale house Farm Campsite will open for us.

The site is beautiful and the facilities very clean, well worth a visit in season. Sitting on the edge of Hunmanby on the North Yorkshire Coast, there are lots of options. We chose the trip to Scarborough mainly to play on the 2p machines in the amusements and for a number there was the compulsory game or ten of Bingo. When the children finally pulled the adults away from the amusements we headed back to site.

Our New Year’s celebrations are somewhat special and once we have all had a bit of a rest we all share a meal – a faith supper where everyone brings a dish and we share.

This year’s offerings included Goulash, Cullen Skink, Lentil Curry, Chilli, and Pasta and Sausage for the less adventurous. It was a feast of immense proportions. The rest of the evening was spent with the children playing games, colouring pictures or singing at the top of their voices while the adults settled into the bell tent with some drinks to keep out the cold.

So what are my favourite memories of this New Year’s event? Seeing the new year in with my nephew for the first time, spending time with brilliant friends, playing Cards Against Humanity till two in the morning. Being in a wonderful environment where all was at peace and the true values of camping were shown out; sharing food, laughter, drinks but most of all the fellowship of camping.

New Year 2016 is only a camping season away. Who’s up for it?