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Camping stove buying guide

Outwell camping gas stoves are an exceptionally convenient and easy way to cook outdoors. Sturdy, powerful and easy clean, they are pleasure to use, wherever you are.

Benefits of an Outwell camping stove:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Fast boiling times
  • Light and compact
  • Adjustable heat controls
  • Sturdy with non-slip feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Choice of sizes and styles to suit your needs

Find your perfect camping gas stove here

Match your camping stove to your adventure.

Best camping stove for family holidays

Feed the family with a double burner camping stove with grill

A 2 burner camping stove with grill is a great option for family holidays and will give you room to cook breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You’ll have two stoves for heating water and food, plus a grill for frying and toasting. So you can make tea, heat porridge and fry bacon - all at the same time. Windshield protection ensures the flame stays alight even in windy weather, while individually controlled burners let you easily adjust the temperature. 

Perfect for longer family holidays and camping trips where you’ll be staying in one place.


Budget: Outwell Appetizer Trio: 2 burner camping stove with grill – a compact and portable gas burner with windshields for weather protection. It features two individually controlled burners and a grill.

Splurge: Outwell Rukutu double stove with grill – the ultimate portable kitchen, with a higher-powered grill and two individually controlled burners so you can set the perfect temperature. The removable drip dray makes it easy to clean, even from bacon.

Best camping stove for when you’re carrying your kit long distances

When you want to travel light, a 1 or 2 burner portable camping stove is all you need

If you’re going to be carrying your kit on your back or bike for any length of time, you need to pack light. These portable camping stoves are ultra light and small enough to easily fit into your kit bag. Letting you make a quick a cup of tea or heat up a chilli, wherever you are. Choose from a space-saving single burner camp stove or, for more cooking options, go for a featherlight double camping stove.

Ideal for trekking holidays, cycling tours, backpacking, picnics and days out.


Budget: Outwell Appetizer 1-Burner compact camping stove – this ultra small camping stove is lighter than light, weighing under 1kg. It has a single burner for quickly heating up food and liquid, and it’s easy to clean.

Midrange: Outwell Appetizer Solo single camping stove – new for 2021, this larger single burner gives you more space for bigger pots and pans. Adjustable temperature control ensures the perfect heat every time. 

Splurge: Outwell Appetizer 2-Burner camping stove – this compact two burner camp stove gives you an extra burner so you can cook two things at once. Yet it’s still ultra lightweight, weighing just 1.3kg, making it very easy to carry around. It also has adjustable temperature controls and is easy to clean.

Best camping stove for mini adventures

For shorter trips, a double camping stove with wind protection will let you cook anywhere

Set off on an adventure with a double camping stove that comes with an integrated windshield, so you can cook up a feast anywhere. The two burners let you boil and fry at the same time. While the camping stove windshield offers protection from the elements, helping to keep the flame alight in windy weather.

Ideal for weekend breaks, festivals and days out.


Budget: Appetizer Duo double camping stove – small and powerful, this portable 2 burner camping stove is easy to pack and transport. Individually controlled burners let you adjust the heat.

Splurge: Outwell Olida Stove – a versatile, higher-powered double burner camping stove with individually controlled burners and windshield protection. Part of the Outwell Gourmet Cooker collection.

Best camping stove for caravans

A folding camp stove with grill is just thing when space is limited

Holidays in a caravan, motorhome or campervan are brilliant fun. But when you’re travelling in your home on 4 wheels, space is often in short supply. This is where folding camping gear is indispensable. Invest in a folding camp stove that can be easily packed and stored away when not in use. This will not only save you space, but also make it safer when you’re on the road. A small camping stove with grill is ideal, giving you the option to both boil and grill. You’ll be able to make a cup of tea while frying bacon for the perfect breakfast on the go.

Great for caravan holidays, touring in campervans or motorhomes, and vanlife.


Budget: Outwell Appetizer Trio: 2 burner camping stove with grill – compact and lightweight, this option comes with two stoves and a grill. It features windshield protection and individually controlled burners.

Splurge: Outwell Jimbo Stove – this great performing portable grill and stove is a joy to cook on. Easy to clean thanks to its removable grate and drip tray, it has adjustable flames and comes with windshields to cope with blustery days.

Best camping stove for big meals

Go for a wider camping gas stove that gives you extra space for cooking

If you’re planning on preparing dinners at the campsite or fancy whipping up a full English breakfast with all the trimmings, you need the Annatto Stove double burner. This powerful yet portable gas stove has two extra wide burners, which can cater for larger pots and pans. There’s a windshield for weather protection, and it’s easy to clean with a removable griddle plate and steel top.

Ideal for camping holidays or days out with family or friends.

Buy the Outwell Annatto Stove – the extra wide base and higher output burners let you use larger pots and pans so you can cook bigger meals. This powerful double camping stove is easy to clean with a removable griddle plate and windshield protection.

What gas do you need?

The following Outwell camping stoves use EN417 threaded self-sealing gas cartridges:

  • Jimbo Stove
  • Olida Stove
  • Annatto Stove
  • Appetizer 1-Burner
  • Appetizer 2-Burner

The following Outwell camping stoves use gas flasks:

  • Rukutu stove
  • Appetizer Solo
  • Appetizer Duo
  • Appetizer Trio

Cooking on camping gas

Find out more about cooking with gas, safety tips and how to keep your camping stove in the best condition at the Outwell Academy.

Learn more about cooking with gas here

Don’t forget the accessories!

Make sure you’ve got everything you need to get the most out of your camping stove.

Gas regulators – use these to adjust the gas flow and allow Outwell LPG cylinder stoves to use EN 417 threaded cartridges.

Trinidad Gas Regulator 1 

Grill tongs – cook up a storm without burning your fingers.

Locking grill tong 

Pots and pans – good, non-stick pots and frying pans are essential.

Culinary Set L 

Feast Set L 

Kettle – you can boil water in a pan but using a stovetop kettle to make tea and coffee is so much easier.

Teabreak kettle 

Collaps Kettle Navy Night 

Coolbox or cool bag – keep your food freshly chilled and ready for cooking on your stove or grill. Cool boxes hold more and offer more protection, making them ideal for longer holidays. Cool bags are more portable and great for day trips or weekend breaks. There are also deep cool freezers, which have fridge and freezer sections for summer treats, like ice cream!

Shop coolers here

Tableware – cook a delicious meal on your camping stove then serve it up in colourful style on strong, break-resistant melamine tableware. Available in sets of 2 and 4, as well as individual bowls, cups and plates.

Shop tableware here

Cutlery – perfect for the campsite, choose from BBQ cutlery, picnic cutlery and every day camping cutlery.

Shop cutlery here

Knife sets – make preparing food easier and quicker with a handy camping knife set.

Shop knife sets here

Water carriers – essential for every camping trip, water carriers let you always have a store of water by your tent for cooking and drinking.

Shop water carriers here 

Where to buy an Outwell camping stove

View Outwell camping gas stoves before you buy at one of our many dealerships across the UK. 

Got a question we haven’t covered? We’re here to help
Prefer to buy a camping gas stove online? You can contact our customer service team for support before or after your Outwell purchase.