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Vehicle awnings

Extra space that doesn’t tie you down.

Flexible and convenient, drive-away awnings are free standing tent extensions that add extra space to campervans and motorhomes. Easy to pitch and attach to your vehicle, an Outwell drive away awning can be quickly detached and left at the campsite. So you can go off and explore the area in your vehicle. Ideal for couples or family touring.


Outwell drive away awnings and motorhome awnings
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Extra space that doesn’t tie you down.

Flexible and convenient, drive-away awnings are free standing tent extensions that add extra space to campervans and motorhomes. Easy to pitch and attach to your vehicle, an Outwell drive away awning can be quickly detached and left at the campsite. So you can go off and explore the area in your vehicle. Ideal for couples or family touring.


Vehicle awnings
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Outwell Drive-away awnings

Unleash the freedom of the open road with an Outwell drive away awning for camper vans, buses and motorhomes. These essentially work like a freestanding tent extension, which easily attaches to your vehicle by rails, guyropes or magnetic bands. So you have covered, private access between your vehicle and tent, but can drive away whenever you want, without having to take down the awning. 

With a choice of air or poled pitching, we’ve got a drive away awning to suit everyone, from first timers to seasoned campers. High quality materials, fully opening fronts and improved attachment points offer extra space, comfort and convenience whatever the weather. Optional inners let you quickly add bedrooms.

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What is a drive away awning for motorhome, camper or bus?

Whether you have a motorhome, boxcar, VW T5 or T4 campervan or a bus, a drive away awning gives you extra space on the campsite for happier holidays. Also known as a standalone awning, a drive away awning is a special type of tent that fits securely to the side of your vehicle. It lets you move freely between your motorhome or camper and the tent space, under cover from the elements. But what makes drive away awnings extra special is their ability to be left freestanding while you go out for a drive. It takes just moments to detach the awning from your vehicle, leaving the tent part upright ready for whenever you return. This gives you the freedom to explore the area on wheels knowing that you have a comfortable living space waiting for you back at the campsite. You’ll also have somewhere to store kit and camping furniture that you might not want to take with you on a day out. All you need to do when you return to the campsite is park next to the drive away awing and quickly reattach the awning connection points.

Why choose an Outwell drive away awning? 
Looking for a camper awning or motorhome awning? You’ve come to the right place. Outwell offers a wide range of the best drive away awnings in the UK. Here are some of the brilliant benefits of our awnings and why they get such good reviews.

Get a perfect fit for your motorhome, camper or bus - When it comes to drive away awnings one size does not fit all. For a secure attachment, you need a drive away awning that’s the right height for your camper, bus or motorhome. That’s why our drive away awnings come in various heights and sizes to perfectly fit your vehicle. Keeping you warmer, drier and more comfortable on the campsite. 

Choose from air or poled pitching - Choose from the latest air drive away awnings or a classic poled drive away awning. Air drive away awnings are exceptionally quick and easy to pitch. Poled drive away awnings are lighter and cheaper. We have a wide range of both air and poled drive away awnings for motorhomes, campers and busses - so you can find the right style for your needs.

Get the extra space you need - Whether you’re looking for a small drive away awning for weekends away or a large drive away awning for all the family, we have something for every holiday. Small drive away awnings are ideal for short breaks and let you quickly and easily add living, storage and even sleeping space with optional bedroom inners. Larger drive away awnings are perfect for long summer holidays with family or friends. They offer a huge amount of space for eating, drinking, cooking, playing, relaxing, storing kit and sleeping. Many models include a porch awning, which provides a sheltered area at the tent entrance.

Add living space, bedrooms or both - Need more room for relaxing, cooking or storing kit? Or a private bedroom area for your growing family or holidays with friends? Or maybe you need both? Outwell drive away awnings offer you a great choice of outdoor tent extensions for your motorhome, camper or bus. This includes drive away awnings that come with separate, darkened bedrooms or the option to add bedroom inners. So you can create the perfect outdoor living solution for your needs. 

Stretch out with full standing height ceilings - All Outwell drive away awnings have full standing height ceilings in the living space as standard. So you don’t have to duck or bend down to enter them. Making for happier backs and more comfortable holidays.

Make short work of pitching - All Outwell air and poled drive away awnings come with in-built groundsheets and fast connection points to your motorhome, camper or bus. This makes them quicker and easier to pitch. The in-built groundsheet gives maximum protection from the elements, dirt and insects. The drive away awning connection points easily attach to your vehicle by rails, guyropes or magnetic bands.

Relax in a room with a view - Drive away awnings are a brilliant way to extend your living space – but you still want to enjoy the scenery. Which is why our drive away awnings all have large tinted windows, which let you see out but stop others seeing in. Giving you a private room with a view. The special tinted coating also helps to protect against the sun’s glares.  

Get privacy when the sun sets - Toggle-up curtains come as standard on all Outwell drive away awnings. Giving you privacy and a home-from-home feel on the campsite.    

Stay dry and warm year after year - Outwell drive away awnings are made from high quality, long-lasting, weather-proof materials. They will last for years, keeping you protected from wind, rain and UV. All Outwell materials are fire retardant and meet the latest tent regulations. They also have wind or storm protection systems to give you peace of mind on bad weather days.

Get instant shelter with a touring canopy - Looking for quick and easy shelter from the elements rather than a full tent drive away awning? You need a motorhome canopy. These handy touring canopies fit motorhomes, campervans, boxcars and caravans and offer fast protection from sun, wind and rain. They attach to the side of your vehicle in the same way as a drive away awning and come with full standing height ceilings. Giving you the perfect place for alfresco dining and relaxing outdoors.

Kit out your drive away or motorhome awning
Bring home comforts to the campsite with these brilliant drive away awning accessories.

Carpets - Soft, luxurious and warm underfoot, a drive away awning carpet makes for toasty toes, especially on chilly mornings. Bringing extra comfort to the campsite, carpets are particularly recommended for those with young children who like to play on the floor. Outwell carpets for motorhome and campervan awnings are custom-made to fit our different drive-away awnings and very easy to lay. Shop drive away awning carpets here 

Roof lining - Camping out of season or don’t trust the British summer? Keep warmer and cosier in your tent extension with a roof lining. These add instant insulation and are custom-made to fit different Outwell motorhome awnings. Easy to attach, the roof lining will also protect against condensation and comes with a hanging point for lanterns. Shop motorhome awning roof linings here 

Footprint - Extend the life of your drive away awning with a footprint. These are placed on the ground under the awning to protect it from abrasion, mud, and wear and tear. They also add extra insulation underfoot, making the tent warmer. Each footprint is custom-made to fit the different Outwell motorhome, camper and drive away awnings. Shop drive away and motorhome awning footprints here 

Bedroom inners - Add an instant bedroom with an optional inner for your motorhome, camper or drive away awning. These quickly toggle into place to provide a private bedroom for guests or older children. Each inner is custom-made to fit its matching drive away awning and sleeps up to two people. The inner takes up a section of the drive away awning so you still retain some living space. Shop drive away awning bedroom inners here

Connector sets - These magnetic strips let you quickly and easily connect a drive away awning to your campervan or motorhome. They work with all drive away awnings and are brilliant as a back up spare awning connector on camping holidays. Shop drive away awning connector sets here 

Looking after your drive away awning
With the proper care, your camper or motorhome drive away awning will last for years. The following guides have great advice on what you can do to keep your motorhome or camper awning in top condition. Find out how to clean, tackle mildew, mould, bird poo and more here. Discover the best way pack away and maintain your drive away awning here.Read our top ten tips for storing camping gear here. Valve maintenance is really easy. A quick check and wipe of the valve at the start and end of your camping holiday is often all you need. But this can make a huge difference to the lifespan of your air drive away awning and air inflatables - read more here. Learn the best ways to maintain hygiene standards when you’re cooking and eating outside. And how to stay safe from the sun.How to stay healthy on the campsite.

Got a question? We’re here to help
Not sure which drive away or motorhome awning is best for you? Want to compare the VW T5 and T4 drive away awnings? Or looking for a particular style, such as a motorhome awning with a porch? If you’d like to talk to someone about our drive away awnings or try before you buy, please visit one of our many dealerships across the UK. They’ll be able to give you expert advice on Outwell products and answer any questions you may have. Or, contact our customer service team for support before or after your purchase.