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Cool bags

Get al fresco dining off to a great start. 

If you’re eating outside, a cooler bag is a must-have. Lightweight, practical and stylish, Outwell coolers are the perfect way to keep your food fresh. Easy to carry and in a range of sizes, cool bags are ideal for your work lunch, picnics, and camping adventures.   


Outwell Cool Bag - Cooler Bag, Coolers & Rucksacks for Picnic or Camping
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Cool bags

Get al fresco dining off to a great start. 

If you’re eating outside, a cooler bag is a must-have. Lightweight, practical and stylish, Outwell coolers are the perfect way to keep your food fresh. Easy to carry and in a range of sizes, cool bags are ideal for your work lunch, picnics, and camping adventures.   


Cool bags
Cool bags
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Cool bag buying guide

Heading out trekking for the day away from the hustle and bustle of civilisation? Planning a picnic at the park or beach? Or don’t want your lunch to wilt during the morning commute to work. You need a cool bag.

Also known as a cooler bag, these handy fabric bags are the easiest way to keep your food fresh all day long. Made from insulating material, they will prevent soggy sandwiches, keep drinks chilled and stop food turning into a melted mess. Because they are made from material, they are super light to carry and can be stored flat when not in use. 
Outwell cool bags are available in a range of sizes to suit every need  - from office lunches to family days out and everything in between.

Find your perfect cool bag
The right cooler bag for you depends on what you need it for. But it can be difficult to know what size cool bag is best, especially if you’re buying online. Use this guide to help decide which cooler is best for you.  

Things to consider before you buy a cool bag
Where are you going?
How many people does the coolbag need to cater for?
Are you travelling alone, as a family or as a couple?
Are you using your cooler for one meal or two?
Do you want to fit in tall bottles?
What style of carry handle do you prefer?
Do you want the cool bag to pack flat when not in use?
How long do you need the food to stay chilled?

Where are you going?
Choose your planned activity to find out what type of cooler bag you need.
I’m going to the park
I’m going trekking
I’m going camping with the family
I’m going to the beach
I’m going to work, university or school
I’m going to a festival

I’m going to the park
You need a picnic cooler bag

Make the most of sunny days with a food cooler bag you can take anywhere. In the UK, the weather changes so often, you need a picnic cool bag that’s ready to go, whenever you are. The beauty of cool bags is you don’t have to use an ice block. Yes, an ice block will keep the food chilled longer. But for last minute al fresco lunches, the insulating material in the cool bag will be sufficient. Adding chilled drinks will also help the cool bag stay colder for longer. The size picnic cooler bag you need depends on how many people you’re catering for. A 12-14l capacity may be enough for couples, though if you wish to bring bottles a 20l+ cool bag is better. For families, go for at least 24l+ capacity.

I’m going trekking
You need an inflatable cool bag rucksack

If you’re heading out on the trail, you need a lightweight cooler that’s easy to carry and fits into your backpack when not in use. An inflatable cool bag is ideal. These handy coolers self-inflate in seconds to form a spacious cool bag that’s large enough to chill food for the whole family. Easy to carry with comfy shoulder straps, you’ll be able to keep trekking all day long. Once you’ve finished all the food, the bag quickly deflates and folds flat, so it can be slipped into your backpack. Outwell inflatable coolers are available in 24l, 25l and 30l sizes.

I’m going camping with the family
You need a large cool bag 

Get camping ready with a large cool bag that’s big enough for al fresco dining for the whole family. A cool bag is an essential piece of camping equipment. Experienced campers will usually take both a cool box and cool bag with them to the campsite. The cool box can be plugged in and left at the campsite for everyday essentials, while the cool bag is used for days out. This means your milk can stay chilled while you enjoy a feast in the forest, up a mountain or on the beach. The best family cool bags have at least a 24l capacity. This gives plenty of room for lunch for four to six people. If there are more of you or you want to eat lunch and dinner outside, go for a 30l+ capacity.

I’m going to the beach
You need a shopper style cooler bag

Hit the beach in style with a cool bag that can also be used as a shopping or beach bag. These versatile coolers can be carried over your shoulder and have a large top opening zip for easier access to your food. Great for the beach, the smart, taller design lets you fit in bottles of drink and helps prevent sand entering the bag. With a capacity of approximately 20l, shopper style cooler bags have lots of room for couples and the whole family. When you’ve finished feasting, simply remove the inner and transform the cooler into a beach or shopping bag. 

I’m going to work, university or school
You need a small cool bag lunchbox 

A packed lunch is a great way to save money. But trains, cars and buses can get warm and sticky when you’re commuting, which can play havoc with your lunch. Keep your food fresh come lunchtime with a small cool bag for work, school or university. A 5-10l cooler bag is the perfect size for packed lunches and is small enough to fit into a rucksack or day bag – so you don’t have to carry extra bags. There will be room for sandwiches, snacks and a drink, without adding too much bulk. After you’ve finished lunch, the bag will fold flat so it can be easily stored out the way. Outwell small cool bags can be used by adults and kids alike, and come in colours that everyone will love.

I’m going to a festival
You need a cool bag for bottles

Whether you fill it with wine, beer, cola or water, a cool bag that has the capacity to hold bottles is essential for festivals. Before you head to the main event, you can enjoy some time around your tent with friends, sipping a chilled drink and getting into the festival spirit. There will also be room in your cooler bag for snacks and nibbles. Most festivals don’t allow bottles in the festival arena, so store your cooler bag at your tent when you go out. 

What’s the difference between a cool bag and a cool box?

Cool bag:
Made from fabric
Lightweight and highly portable
Easy to carry
Easy to store as can be folded flat
Available in different sizes
Essential kit for picnics, lunches and days out

Cool box:
Made from hard plastic
Strong and robust
Heavier to carry
Food stays colder for longer
Available in different sizes
Essential kit for a mobile fridge or freezer at campsite

How to clean your cool bag
Smells and stains are enough to put anyone off their food. So if your cool bag is not at its best, here’s how to remove marks and odours.

Clean your cool bag after every use
A quick wipe down with warm soapy water and a spritz of antibacterial spray will keep your cool bag looking its best for longer. This doesn’t have to take lots of time and can be done at home and at the campsite. Some cool bags have removable solid plastic inners for easier cleaning.

Pop your cool bag in the washing machine
Many cooler bags can be put in the washing machine so if yours needs more than a wipe down, this is your next step. Check your coolbag’s product details to ensure it is machine washable first.

Leave it to dry in the sunshine
The sun will not only dry your cooler bag but will also help eliminate stains and odours. Always make sure your cool bag is completely dry before storing it away.

Why buy an Outwell cooler bag
Outwell has been helping the nation enjoy the great outdoors since 1984. As avid camping and trekking enthusiasts, we only make products we’d want to use. Focusing on quality, affordability and style. 

Outwell cool bags are strong, durable and will last for years. Superior materials and heavy-duty zips ensure maximum insulation, so your food stays fresher for longer. Lightweight fabrics and comfortable handles and shoulder straps make our cooler bags easy to carry, which is crucial when you’re on the go. A wide range of styles and sizes give lots of options for lunch boxes, picnics, beach days, trekking, camping and more. 

Cool bag tips for cooking at the campsite
The experience of cooking at the campsite is an adventure for the whole family! So pour yourself a glass of your drink of choice and enjoy the experience with these top tips:

Consider using a number of coolboxes and cool bags
This lets you keep meat away from other fresh food, like salads - and it keeps drinks separate. It also gives you a cooler bag to use for days out.

Only open the cooler when needed
You lose some of the chill factor every time you grab a drink or item of food from your cool bag. So the more you open it, the less well it will perform. Plan ahead so you only need to open it once for breakfast, lunch etc. Drinks are slightly different as you’ll need them on and off throughout the day. If you’re keeping them in a separate cool bag, it won’t spoil your food.

Keep raw meats and cooked food separate
Either use separate cool bags or inner dividers to stop raw meat contaminating cooked food.

Bring washing up detergent, a wash cloth and washing up bowl
This is essential for keeping cool bags clean and washing up dishes. 

Don’t forget antibacterial or alcohol spray
A quick spritz helps to keep things hygienic on the campsite.

Bring a box for food waste 
A box with a lid is great for getting waste food out your cool bag and keeping flies away. Simply empty it in an organic waste recycling point at the end of the day.

Where to buy an Outwell cool bag
View Outwell cool bags before you buy at one of our many dealerships across the UK. 

Got a question? We’re here to help
Prefer to buy your cooler bag online? You can contact our customer service team for support before or after your Outwell cool bag purchase.