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Camping kitchen buying guide

Love cooking at the campsite? Or maybe you’re looking for an easier way to prepare food at your tent?

A camping kitchen table offers practical convenience and handy storage, keeping your tent tidier and making it easier to whip up breakfast, dinner and lunch.

Each camp kitchen provides:

  • A durable, stable surface for preparing food and washing up
  • Storage for your camping kitchen accessories and food – with special Outwell doors for easy access
  • Many come with windshields for protection from the elements when cooking outside

What’s in an Outwell camp kitchen door?

  • Sewn-in magnets for noiseless opening and closure
  • Sturdy fibreglass door frame
  • Frame can be removed so doors can be rolled and toggled back to keep shelves revealed for easy access
  • Nice, practical handles and cabinet-style doors for home-from-home style
  • Mesh, insect-proof panels to allow fresh air to circulate, keep bugs out and let light in

Benefits of a camping kitchen

  • Makes camp cooking even easier
  • Instant storage for food and cooking accessories
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Folds flat for easy packing and storage
  • Sturdy aluminium table frame
  • Many include a holder for a washing up bowl or rubbish bag

Choosing a camp kitchen

Camp kitchens are the ideal choice for family holidays, caravan trips and longer breaks

Your perfect kitchen table depends on how much space you have and how many people you’re cooking for. Outwell camping kitchens come in range of sizes to suit your needs.

Extra large camping kitchen

Great for families, longer holidays and those who like to cook together

Want extra space? If you are cooking for lots of people, an XL camp kitchen gives you extra surface and storage space. As they fold flat while not in use, they also make brilliant caravan tables.

Here are some great larger camping kitchen units:

See our large camp kitchen Outwell Padres Kitchen Table with Side Unit here 

The ultimate camping kitchen, this brilliant and stylish folding camping kitchen offers two table top surface areas. One for preparing food and washing up, the other for cooking. This makes it easy for you to cook together. There’s lots of storage space, a special holder for your washing up bowl, plus two rubbish bins – so you can use one for waste and the other for recycling.

Quick look:

  • Camping kitchen with sink holder
  • 2 x worktops
  • Large solid bamboo prep table top
  • Aluminium cooking table with windshield
  • Pull-out holder for a washing up bowl
  • 2 x compartment rubbish bins with lid
  • Large storage cupboard + 2 organiser pockets
  • Packs into one carry bag

Get your camp kitchen organised with the spacious Padres XL Kitchen Table.

Outwell Padres XL Kitchen Table see it here

With lots of storage sitting underneath a stylish table top, you’ll also get the benefit of six organiser pockets. So you have a place for all your camp kitchen accessories. The holder for your washing bowl prevents spillages, and the whole kitchen unit opens and folds in seconds.

Quick look:

  • Camping kitchen with sink holder
  • 1m long worktop
  • Large solid bamboo table top
  • Pull-out holder for a washing up bowl or rubbish bag
  • Windshield to protect burner flames
  • Large storage cupboard + 6 organiser pockets

​See the Outwell Padres Double Kitchen Table here

Simple, stylish and practical. The Padres Double Kitchen Table gives you a double-sized table top with double-sized storage underneath. So you have plenty of room for all your kitchen accessories and food. The large table top means two people can easily work side by side. A lighter weight than our other extra large camping kitchens, the Padres Double Kitchen Table is a great choice for those who want to travel light. It doesn’t come with a windshield, but this can be bought separately here

Quick look:

  • 1.2m long worktop
  • Large solid bamboo table top
  • Lighter weight
  • Large storage cupboard + 4 organiser pockets
  • Attached handle for easy carrying when folded​

See the popular Outwell Camrose Kitchen Table here

This smart kitchen table with camp kitchen unit features a higher middle surface area with windshield for cooking, and two tables on either side for preparing food or washing up. This makes it easier for multiple people to prepare and cook food together. There’s storage space under the side tables, and the kitchen unit opens and folds in seconds. Plus, it comes with its own carry bag for easy packing.

Quick look:

  • 3 x worktops
  • Windshield to protect burner flames
  • Solid door with handle for noise-free, home-like storage space
  • 2 x storage cupboards with 4 x fully closed shelves
  • 1 x open shelf
  • Organiser pockets
  • Kitchen roll holder​

See the Outwell Paros Kitchen Table here 

If you’re looking for a practical camping cooking table at great price, the Paros Kitchen Table is NEW for 2022. Lightweight and easy to use, it offers two laminate worktops, a small storage cupboard, plus open storage shelves. There are also handy hooks for hanging utensils and wash clothes.

Quick look:

  • 2 x laminate worktops
  • Small storage cupboard
  • 2 x open shelf
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Windschield
  • Great value

Small kitchen tables

Great for couples, mini adventures or when you want to travel light

Looking for a lighter weight option that is packed with features but doesn’t take up too much space? A small camping kitchen gives you enough space to prepare food, cook and store items, but has a compact packsize for easier transportation.

Here are some great compact kitchen tables:

See the Outwell Padres Kitchen Table here 

Stylish campers will love the Padres Kitchen Table. The large bamboo worktop is a joy to cook on, plus there’s lots of storage in the enclosed cupboards. Weighing 9kg, it’s slightly heavier than our other compact options. But that’s due to its extra features, like the windshield and pullout holder for a washing up bowl. A great choice for couples.

Quick look:

  • Camping kitchen with sink holder
  • 1 x bamboo worktop
  • Large solid bamboo prep table top
  • Windshield to protect burner flames
  • Pull-out holder for a washing up bowl or rubbish bag
  • Large storage cupboard + 6 organiser pockets

See the Outwell Sudbury Kitchen Table here 

This lightweight compact kitchen combines brilliant features with a small packsize. There’s a large worktop for preparing food, lots of storage for all your cooking equipment, plus an integrated windshield to protect flames. You’ll also enjoy the handy kitchen roll holder and storage space for a bin or gas cartridge.

Quick look:

  • 1 x aluminium worktop
  • Windshield included
  • Large storage cupboard with 3 shelves
  • Closed storage room for bin or gas cartridge
  • Kitchen roll holder
  • Lightweight

See our Outwell Andros Kitchen Table here 

Weighing under 5kg, the Andros Kitchen Table is easy to carry and set up. There’s a large worktop for all your cooking needs, plus a small storage cupboard for pots and pans. It’s a great choice for weekend breaks.

Quick look:

  • 1x laminate worktop
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Single shelf cupboard with zipped door
  • 4 x hooks on side on the table

Camping kitchens with special features

Great for any adventure, these options have unique features for easy camping.

Camping kitchen with sink

Great all-in-one solution!

Bring everything you need to the campsite, including the kitchen sink.

See our famous Outwell Drayton Kitchen Table here

Get a home-from-home feel with the Drayton Kitchen Table. This clever folding camp kitchen has an integrated sink alongside space to prepare and cook food. Underneath there’s an enclosed cupboard for storing pots, pans and utensils.

Quick look:

  • 1 x worktop
  • In-built sink
  • Large storage cupboard with 4 shelves
  • Kitchen roll holder
  • The lid doubles as a windshield

Camping kitchen with water access

Get water on tap!

Great for pouring yourself a drink, washing food and cleaning dishes

See our Outwell Richmond Kitchen Table here

The smart Richmond is more than just a spacious worktop and large storage cupboard. It also includes a collapsible water basin that is easily accessible through the table top. Simply fill the basin with water, store it in the enclosed cupboard and feed the connection tube through the special space in the worktop. You’ll have cold water on tap, whenever you need it.

Quick look:

  • 1 x aluminium worktop
  • Collapsible water basin
  • Windshield included
  • Closed room for bin or gas cartridge
  • Large storage cupboard with 2 shelves
  • Organiser pockets
  • Kitchen roll holder

Accessories for camping kitchens

Need extra storage or a windshield? No problem.

See our Outwell Charlotte Town with Storage Pouch here

The easy way to keep your belongings off damp ground. A great accompaniment to your camping kitchen unit.

See our Outwell Windshield here 

Instant protection for burner flames. So you can cook without worrying about the wind. Essential for all camping cooking tables.

Where to buy an Camping Kitchen

View Outwell camping kitchen before you buy at one of our many dealerships across the UK. 

Got a question we haven’t covered? We’re here to help
Prefer to buy your camping kitchen online? You can contact our customer service team for support before or after your Outwell purchase.