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Camping chairs

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Buying Guide - Camping Chairs

After an active day exploring the local terrain, there’s nothing like coming back to your tent and putting your feet up. With the right camping chair, you can sit in comfort, surrounded by the sights with your drink of choice to hand.

A camping chair is seen by many as an essential piece of camping kit. Yes, you could just lay out a blanket, but if it’s been raining or there’s a chill in the air, you can start to feel cold pretty quickly. A camping chair elevates you off the unforgiving ground, providing the perfect spot to eat, drink and relax.

Outwell has a wide range of camping chairs to suit every need and budget. Choose from reclining luxury camping chairs, cosy padded chairs, ultra lightweight picnic chairs and more.

Benefits of an Outwell camping chair:

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Opens and folds in seconds
  • High quality
  • Great value

Bestseller Camping Chairs

Fernley reclining chair 

Thick padding on the seat and backrest gifves extra comfort, while the 7 reclining positions let you choose your angle. Great for lounging in style.

Marana high back reclining chair 

Extra back support, the Marana had 7 reclining positions and thick, comfy padding to keep you comfortable at every angle.

Trenton extra wide reclining chair 

Find your happy place in this extra wide folding chair. Enjoy the feel of the thick, padded material and get comfy with 7 reclining positions.

Gresham reclining chair with footrest 

Put your feet up in style with the ultra comfy Gresham luxury camping chair. Thick padding and slide adjustment, lets you find your sweet spot for relaxation.

Cromer Ocean Blue 

A classic reclining chair with 5 positions and a high back for extra head and neck support. Also available in Cromer Green Vineyard 

Ramsgate Ocean Blue reclining chair with footrest 

The smart slide position adjuster lets you go from upright to lounging in seconds with the brilliant reclining chair. Easy to clean, this folding champing chair comes with a detachable pillow for extra comfort. Also available in Ramsgate Green Vineyard 

Sauntons Green Vineyard low camping chair 

This ultra lightweight low camping chair is brilliant for days out. Great value, you’ll can easily take it anywhere you want to go. Also available in Sauntons Ocean Blue 

Match your camping chair to your adventure

Find you perfect place to sit and relax.

Best camping chair for family holidays

Mix high-end comfort with practicality for an awesome family holiday

Family camping holidays are all about spending time together. Your camping chair will be at the heart of the experience. So choose one that you can use for everything – from eating together to playing board games, relaxing with a book to toasting marshmallows around the campfire. The Teton or Kenia lightweight camping chairs are ideal. These stylish black camping chairs have a quick dry mesh fabric and sturdy aluminium frame to offer support and comfort. With 7 reclining positions, you have plenty of choices to find your perfect angle. The Teton has a higher backrest for extra head support. Both chairs are extremely durable and will last for years.

Quick look:

  • Fold away camping chair
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Quick dry fabric
  • Durable and practical
  • Lightweight

Buy Teton camping chair 

Buy Kenia camping chair 

Turn your camping chair into a lounger

Add the Zion footrest to your Kenai or Teton camping chairs for instant relaxation. Ultra lightweight, the footrest weighs just 1.2kg and folds flat, making it easy to pack and store. There’s no assembly required, it simply slides on to the seat of your Kenai and Teton foldaway chairs. 

Buy Zion footrest 

Best camping chair for weekend breaks

Choose a lightweight camping chair that weighs less than 5kg for laidback mini adventures

For shorter trips, travel light with a lower weight camping chair that is easier to carry but will keep you comfy. The new comfy Fernley reclining chair weighs 4.8kg and still comes with lots of smart features, like thick, comfy padding and 7 reclining positions. The Ontario travel camping chair is slightly lighter at 4.5kg. It has a quick dry Textiline seat and 7 reclining positions. While the highback Melville also weighs 4.5kg and provides ergonomic support and 7 reclining positions. This makes them a great choice for dining, relaxing and sunbathing.

Quick look:

  • Portable camping chair
  • Lighter weight
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

Buy Fernley reclining camping chair 

Buy Ontario travel camping chair 

Buy Melville

Best camping chair for glamping

When only the best will do, go for all out luxury with an ultra comfortable luxury camping chair

Sit back in the ultimate style with our top of the range luxurious padded camping chairs. Designed for maximum comfort, these chairs offer ergonomic support from top to toe. Special features include soft, quick dry padding, which enhances comfort but dries quickly if the camping chair is left out in the rain. Removable headrests for head and neck support. Foot rests for easing weary legs. Plus, of course, the ability to change the reclining position from upright to laidback lounger. This gives you flexibility to use these reclining chairs for dining, reading and lounging. Making them ideal accompaniment to your glamping trip. 

Quick look

  • Luxury reclining camping chair with footrest
  • Ultimate in comfort and style
  • Head and neck support
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Easily light enough to carry but heavier weight than other options due to the extra features

Buy Acadia luxury reclining chair

Buy Gresham luxury reclining chair

Best camping chair for day trips

Enjoy quick and easy comfort on the go with a compact camping chair

Outwell Blackpool camping chairs have a smaller packsize, which makes them ideal for day trips. Lightweight and easy to carry, these compact camping chairs give you comfort, anywhere. Simply unfold them and take a seat. 

Available in 3 colours - warm red, ocean blue and green vineyard.

Quick look:

  • Portable camping chair
  • Small packsize
  • Easy comfort on the go
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry

Blackpool Portable Chair Ocean Blue 

Blackpool Portable Chair Green Vineyard 

Best camping chair for the seaside

A low camping chair is ideal for a day at the beach or fishing trips

Ultra lightweight, these cheap camping chairs weigh under 3kg, but can handle loads up to 120kg thanks to their strong power coated steel frame. Comfy to sit in, the chairs open and fold in seconds and provide sturdy support on sandy terrain. Lower than our other camping chairs, these are a great height for relaxing on the beach or enjoying a spot of fishing. When you’re ready to go, you can simply fold it flat and carry it over your shoulder.

Available in 3 colours – warm red, ocean blue and green vineyard.

Quick look:

  • Low camping chair
  • Great for the beach
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable

Buy Sauntons Ocean Blue 

Buy Sauntons Green Vineyard  

Special features

Are you looking for an extra wide chair or one that is ultra compact? Maybe you want a chair that comes with a footrest? Or multiple reclining positions? Here’s a round-up of our chairs with special features.

Extra wide folding chairs

If you like extra space in your camping chairs, you’ll love the Trenton extra wide reclining chair. Not only does it have extra space in the seat, it also has thick, comfy padding and 7 reclining positions. Pure bliss!

Reclining camping chair

Many Outwell camping chairs come with multiple reclining positions. Because we believe the best camping chairs are comfortable, practical and all-purpose.

Camping chairs with footrest

Who doesn’t like putting their feet up? Relax in comfort with a chair that comes with an in-built footrest.

Compact camping chair

When space is tight, go for a compact camping chair like the Blackpool portable chairs. These fold to a small packsize for easy carrying and storage.

Our full range of camping furniture you can see here

Where to buy an Outwell camping chair

View Outwell camping chairs before you buy at one of our many dealerships across the UK. 

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