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Double sleeping bags
Double sleeping bags
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Double sleeping bag buying guide

Snuggle up together in a perfectly proportioned two person sleeping bag. Made for couples, double sleeping bags give you both plenty of space for a happy night’s sleep on the campsite.

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Double sleeping bag

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Outwell Constellation Lux Double sleeping bag


Maximum luxury and extra warmth on the campsite.


Use it on longer holidays and for out of season camping.

  • Very best in camping comfort
  • Ultra luxurious with super soft, brushed outer
  • Home-from-home duvet feel
  • 100% cotton double sleeping bag lining for breathability
  • Face and zip baffles to keep you warmer
  • Zip on and off hood


3-4 season double sleeping bag


230cm x 160cm

Outwell Camper Lux Double sleeping bag

Ideal for family holidays throughout the year.


Use it at home and abroad.

  • Family favourite!
  • Super soft next to the skin
  • Zip baffle to stop cold air coming through the zip
  • Zip on and off hood
  • Built-in pillows for added comfort


3-4 season double sleeping bag


235cm x 150cm

Outwell Contour Lux Double sleeping

A sleeping bag you can use anywhere, anytime.


Simply flip it onto the hot side in colder climates, and the cold side in warmer weather.


  • Varying temperature control – one side is cooler, the other is warmer
  • Ideal for unpredictable weather
  • Can be used in spring, summer and autumn
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Built-in pillow
  • Zip on and off hood
  • Extra wide for more wiggle room

Hot side up - 1-2 season double sleeping bag.


Cold side up - 3 season double sleeping bag.



220cm x 145cm

Outwell Campion Lux Double sleeping bag


A classic couples sleeping bag filled with practical comfort.


Use it on mini adventures or for family camping fun. 

  • Great value sleeping bag for two
  • Soft, cosy comfort
  • 2 layers of insulation
  • Small inner pocket for your phone, keys, money or torch


3 season double sleeping bag


225cm x 140cm

Outwell Celebration Lux Double sleeping bag


A purse-friendly choice for happy camping.


Use it for festivals, weekend breaks and caravan trips.

  • Brilliant, budget-friendly kingsize sleeping bag
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Insulated headrest


2-3 season double sleeping bag


225cm x 140cm

Boost your bag with a sleeping bag liner

These handy cotton double sleeping bag liners can extend the life of your double sleeping bag and are easy to pop in the wash after your trip. Designed to fit all Outwell double sleeping bags, you’ll find double sleeping bag liner attachments points in the corner of our two person sleeping bags. Simply toggle the sleeping bag liner in place.

Buy a double sleeping bag liner here

Match your double sleeping bag to your adventure

Find out which couples sleeping bag best suits your needs.

What’s the best double sleeping bag for glamping?

You need the Outwell Constellation Lux Double find it here 

When comfort is top of the agenda, sleep in the ultimate luxury in the Outwell Constellation Lux Double. This amazingly soft, comfy double sleeping bag is as close as you’ll get to a home duvet feel. It will envelope you in snuggly cosiness.

What’s the best double sleeping bag for family camping?

Try the Outwell Camper Lux Double here 

This firm family favourite will keep you warm and comfortable on the campsite year after year. It even comes with built in pillows for extra comfort.

What’s the best double sleeping bag for festivals?

Go wild with the Outwell Celebration Lux Double here

Our best value double sleeping bag is a great choice for festivals. It will keep you comfortable all night but is highly practical for the festival field. Like all Outwell double sleeping bags, it’s also easy to wash.

What’s the best double sleeping bag for mini adventures?

Go for the Outwell Campion Lux Double here 

The great value Campion Lux Double will keep you warm from spring to autumn, making it an ideal choice for weekend breaks in and out of season. Lightweight, you can just throw it in your car and go.

What’s the best double sleeping bag for taller people?

Stretch out with the Outwell Camper Lux Double - find it here 

The Outwell Camper Lux Double is our longest 2 person sleeping bag, offering an extended length of 235cm. This makes it ideal for longer legs. 

What’s your widest double sleeping bag?

Get comfy with the Outwell Contour Lux Double - find it here 

Looking for an extra wide sleeping bag for two? You need the Outwell Contour Lux Double. This large double sleeping bag has a spacious 145cm width. Providing plenty of room for stretching out and getting comfortable.

What’s your lightest double sleeping bag?

Travel light with the Outwell Celebration Lux Double - find it here 

When weight matters, you need a lightweight double sleeping bag. At 2400g, the Outwell Celebration Lux is our lightest for couples, closely followed by the 2500g Outwell Campion Lux. Both are ideal if you’re carrying your bags for longer periods or if you need to keep the weight and packsize low for a flight.

Double sleeping bag temperature rating guide

Find out what the season rating means on your kingsize sleeping bag for two.

  • 1 season double sleeping bag.

Use it in the summer where night time temperatures are above 10°C.

  • 1-2 season double sleeping bag

Use it on warmer nights from late spring and throughout summer where night time temperatures are between 5°C to 10°C.

  • 2 season double sleeping bag

Use it from late spring, throughout summer to early autumn when night time temperatures are around 5°C.

  • 2-3 season double sleeping bag

Use it throughout spring and summer to early autumn, ideal night time temperatures are between 0°C to 5°C.

  • 3 season double sleeping bag

Use it throughout spring, summer and autumn, this season rating can comfortably handle night time temperature down to -5°C.

  • 3-4 season single sleeping bag

Use it for out of season camping in all but very the coldest months. Double sleeping bags with this rating will keep you comfortable in night time temperatures as low as -5°C to -10°C.

  • 4 or all season single sleeping bag

Camp throughout the year, even if the night temperature drops down to -10°C.

Read more about sleeping bag temperature ratings here

How to look after your double sleeping bag

  • All Outwell double sleeping bags are fully machine washable at 30°C
  • Simple pop it in your washing machine when you get back from your trip
  • Rinse at least five times when the cycle has finished
  • Press out the water by hand or put it on a 20sec spin dry. Do not wring it as this can clump the filling
  • Dry your sleeping bag on a low temperature in a tumble drier.  Or place it horizontal and leave it to drip dry. Never hang dry as this could lead to clumping

How to store your double sleeping bag

  • Air your sleeping bag and make sure it is fully dry before storing it away
  • Open your double sleeping bag up and shake it out before you use it
  • Spot clean with lukewarm soapy water
  • Store it somewhere dry

Where to buy an Outwell double sleeping bag
View Outwell double sleeping bag before you buy at one of our many dealerships across the UK. 

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