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Camping tables buying guide

Your camping table is the heart of your tent. Here is where the magic happens. Whether you’re tucking into a hearty meal, playing board games by lantern light, or enjoying a refreshing drink after a day exploring. Your camping table is where you’ll spend time together.

Outwell has a fantastic choice of camping folding tables to suit every trip. From small, ultra lightweight tables for weekends away to large family-sized tables for summer holidays. So sit tight and enjoy quality time together.

Benefits of an Outwell camping table

  • Range of sizes to suit your needs
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Space-saving folding designs
  • Open and fold in seconds
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Small packsize
  • Carry bag for easy transportation

Outwell camping tables ranges

Explore what we have to offer

Bamboo camping tables

Bamboo camping tables are a stylish, eco-friendly choice. Lightweight, foldable and easy to set up, they combine all the benefits of a beautiful bamboo table top with sturdy aluminium frames to ensure stability. Bamboo is a great material for camping tables as it’s lightweight, can withstand the elements and doesn’t rot, like a wooded camping table might.

Quick look:

  • Eco-friendly bamboo camping tables
  • Stylish and practical
  • Weather resistant for short periods

Kamloops bamboo camping tables 

Hardwearing, smart and environmentally-friendly, the new Kamloops camping tables bring style and practicality to the campsite. The clever design folds into itself for easy transportation. Available in two sizes – large and medium

Custer bamboo camping tables

These stylish and spacious folding camping tables pack down to a very compact size and have a beautiful bamboo table top. Telescopic legs give easy height adjustment on bumpy ground. Available in four sizes – large, medium, small and round

Calgary bamboo camping tables

Elegant and portable bamboo camping tables. These add a touch of eco style to any camping holiday. Available in three sizes – large, medium and small.

Dawson picnic table

Looking for a folding camping table and chair set? The Dawson picnic set is a brilliant and durable eco choice. Seating four people, it has beautiful bamboo seats and table top. The seats are attached for easier transportation. To use, simply unfold.

Kimberley low bamboo camping table

This small round table makes a brilliant coffee or side table. The bamboo top adds style and eco functionality. The small packsize and low weight make it easy to take anywhere.

Quick look:

  • Folding camping tables
  • Weatherproof resin top
  • UV, water and heat resistant

Coledale folding camping tables

These stylish camping tables are designed to handle the rough and tumble of outdoor life. Telescopic legs let you adjust the height on uneven ground. The range is available in three sizes – large, medium and small

Roblin camping tables

These bestselling folding camping tables offer extra stability on uneven ground thanks to the extra large feet and adjustable telescopic legs. Available in two sizes – medium and small.

Aluminium camping tables

With the frame and table top made from aluminium, these camping tables are lightweight and durable. They are also weather and heat-resistant and won’t be easily damaged if you place hot pots and pans on the table top.

  • Lightweight
  • Practical
  • Heat and weather-resistant

Canmore aluminium camping table

Easy to carry and set up, Canmore aluminium camping tables have a roll up top, which give them a very compact packsize. They are available in two sizes – large and medium

Plastic camping tables

These have aluminium or steel frames and a plastic table top. This makes them all-weather protection and makes them especially able to cope with the rigours of outdoor life.

Quick look:

  • UV, water and heat resistant
  • Practical in all-weather
  • Lightweight

Corda picnic table set

Ideal for the garden or campsite, this folding camping table and chair set is waterproof and durable. The four seats are not attached to the table, for enhanced flexibility.

Pemberton picnic set

A practical plastic topped table and two plastic benches, the Pemberton has a small packsize and seats four people comfortably.

Brim coffee table 

A handy, ultra lightweight all-purpose low table. Made from durable, waterproof plastic.

Camping tables with storage

These give you storage space under the table. Usually in the form of a handy shelf where you can put board games, books or a torch while you eat or prepare food.

Hamilton camping table with storage

This smart portable camping table has a laminated table top and a handy mesh shelf for storing items while the table is in use. Available as a large camping table only

Quick look:

  • Camping table with storage
  • Mesh shelf under the table top
  • Laminated table top
  • Shower and spill resistant

Check Hamilton Camping Table with Storage here

Best camping tables for families

You need a large camping with space for everyone

Family camping trips are all about spending time together. So make the most of every moment with a large camping table that’s big enough for you all to sit round.

These are all great choices for family holidays, seating up to six people:

Best camping chairs and table set

Make camping life easier by combining your table and chairs in one

Easy, practical and stylish, Outwell picnic tables give you four seats and a table in one. Choose from sets that have seats attached to the table for easier transportation, or separate seats for greater flexibility.

Best camping table for shorter breaks

A midsize camping table is ideal for mini family adventures

Seating up to four people, these are lighter and easier to carry than the large camping tables. Making them a great choice for weekends away.

Best camping table for couples

A lightweight, two person camping table is all you need

The golden rule of camp packing is to only take what you need. Outwell small camping tables are designed for two. So you can dine in comfort and keep your packsize light.

Best camping table for travelling ultra light

Go for a handy low table, which packs small and won’t weigh you down

Low tables are ultra small camping tables, a bit like a side or coffee table. As they’re smaller, they’re much lower weight and can be taken anywhere.

Where to buy Outwell camping tables

View Outwell camping tables before you buy at one of our many dealerships across the UK. 

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