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No-fuss camping in an instant!

Love camping, not so keen on pitching the tent? An inflatable tent is the answer. Outwell air tents have an innovative air tubes construction that quickly inflates to give you a holiday in an instant. No poles, no fuss, no time wasting. Packed with great features, these brilliant blow up tents are ready for every adventure. Choose from a range of sizes from large family air tents to smaller inflatable tents for couples, and discover the joy of hassle-free camping.  

Outwell air tents
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No-fuss camping in an instant!

Love camping, not so keen on pitching the tent? An inflatable tent is the answer. Outwell air tents have an innovative air tubes construction that quickly inflates to give you a holiday in an instant. No poles, no fuss, no time wasting. Packed with great features, these brilliant blow up tents are ready for every adventure. Choose from a range of sizes from large family air tents to smaller inflatable tents for couples, and discover the joy of hassle-free camping.  

Air tents
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What is an inflatable tent?

Also known as an air tent, blow up tent or air tube tent, an inflatable tent is the easier, quicker and hassle-free way to enjoy camping holidays. They are a fairly recent development in the camping world and they’re taking the campsite by storm. This is because they are so much faster to pitch than a standard poled tent. It takes just seconds to set up an inflatable tent. Which means more time for you to enjoy your holiday!

Outwell’s innovative air tents use inflatable air tube instead of steel or fibreglass poles. To pitch, pump up the inflatable tent for a few seconds until the air frame becomes rigid and secure. Then all that’s left to do is peg down tent and guylines.

The whole pitching process is over in minutes, even for large 7+ person family air tents. So you have more time to enjoy your holiday and relax. Outwell spacious inflatable air tents are an ideal choice for anyone who wants a fuss-free camping holiday. They are perfect for those who may have had problems with tent pitching or poled tents in the past. Plus, are a brilliant choice for solo campers and single parent family camping trips as Outwell inflatable tents can be pitched by one person. This means that these are not self erecting tents, but you will need very little effort erecting an air tent. 

If you want to take your camping experience to the next level, an inflatable tent is the way to go. Browse Outwell UK’s wide range of air tents online or visit one of our dealerships across the UK to see and feel our air tents before you buy. If you have any questions about Outwell inflatable tents, our customer service team is happy to help.

Why choose an Outwell inflatable tent?

Outwell has been leading the way in outstanding family camping since 1984. Known for high quality materials, stylish designs and practical features, Outwell products are made to stand the test of time and rigours of outdoor life. Offering a choice of the some best inflatable tents in the UK, Outwell air tents are packed with handy features that are designed to make your camping trips easier and more enjoyable. These include:

Super fast air tent inflation – each Outwell air tent comes with an easy to attach, highly efficient air pump, which makes short work of blowing up our inflatable tents.

Pre-shaped inflatable air tubes - these provide great headroom and interior space. Every Outwell air tent has full standing height ceilings.

Outstanding quality materials – Outwell inflatable blow up tents come in a range of superior, hardwearing materials that will keep you comfortable and dry whatever the weather. At the top end of the scale, is the unique Outtex® AirTech. These high quality polycotton air tents are treated with a water repellent finish to help rain bead and roll off the tent. Polycotton air tents are highly breathable and durable, making your tent a nicer place to be year after year. 

Extra security in stormy weather compared to poled tents – this is because inflatable air tents can flex and bend in the wind.

Large tinted windows – Outwell inflatable tents have large windows so you can enjoy the view. These have a tinted coating, which protects against the sun’s glare and provides privacy inside the tent. 

Aerodynamic Storm Protection - this ensures your air tent stays safe and secure in all weather. All Outwell inflatable air tents have a rating of 9 or 10 - the highest ratings on the Beaufort scale.

Darkened bedrooms – all Outwell air tents have darkened bedrooms so you can enjoy a better night’s sleep. Our higher end inflatable camping tents have Night Sky Ceilings, which are the ultimate way to reduce light pollution in your tent’s bedroom. So you can sleep happy every night.

Sewn-in groundsheet - sewn-in groundsheets make pitching easier and offer maximum protection from the elements, dirt and insects. They are standard across all Outwell air tube tents.

Outwell Easy Access System with mesh – the mesh lets you keep bugs out your inflatable tent, while the door is specially designed to prevent tripping hazards. Giving you safer, easier access to your air tent. This is standard across all Outwell inflatable tents.

Simple pegging system – our innovative colour-coded pegging systems makes it easier and quicker to securely peg your tent and guylines. Each Outwell air tent has its own pegging system so check your inflatable tent for details.

Dry Zip – all Outwell air tents comes with a practical, effective panel that runs the length of the whole zip, to protect against rain and the elements. This makes the zip easier to open and close, even in bad weather.

Outwell Floating Guyline System - this is a single luminous guyline, which connects two upper guylines to the peg. It halves the risk of tripping, reduces pitching time and makes tensioning easier. It is standard across all Outwell air tents.

Fire retardant – all Outwell inflatable tents for camping meet the latest tent regulations for fire safety.

Carry bag – each Outwell inflatable tent comes with its own carry bag for easier transportation and storage. Large family air tents are often split into two bags for greater portability. 


Inflatable air tent buying guide
Not sure which inflatable air tent is right for you? Use this guide to help you decide.

What’s your budget?
Like all camping products, there are top end, mid level and entry level inflatable air tents available. Knowing a rough estimate on how much you want to spend will help you decide which is the best choice for you. When it comes to budget, it’s best to view on a cost per use basis. If you are someone who goes camping every year (perhaps multiple times), it’s worth investing in a top end or mid level air tent that is more durable and offers extra home comforts. Outwell polycotton air tents are ideal for frequent campers as they are highly breathable, extremely waterproof and resistant from UV damage. This means they will offer an exceptionally comfortable camping experience for years to come, giving you a great return on your investment. Others things to look out for are Night Sky Ceilings for a better night’s sleep and fully opening fronts for maximising the view.
If you are new to camping, our entry level air tents are a great way to introduce you to the joy of hassle-free, outdoor living. Packed with brilliant features, they come in a range of sizes to suit families and couples. 

How many people?
To get the most out of your air tent, it needs to be large enough for your future needs. This means considering not just how big your inflatable tent needs to be this year – but also the next year and the year after that. This is especially important for growing families. A tent that may seem big when the kids are younger might not offer enough space when they are teenagers and want more privacy. 
Outwell air tents come in a range of different sizes to suit every need. Our smaller air tents sleep three people comfortably and are ideal for couples and small families. Our large inflatable family tents range from sleeping four people to over seven people, and have lots of living space for daytime activities.

Where are you going?
Are you heading off on a weekend adventure or whisking the family away for a two week summer holiday? The length of time you’re away will influence how spacious your inflatable tent needs to be.
For longer breaks you are likely to be spending much more time in your air tent and around the campsite. So you will be more comfortable in a larger tent. This will give you more room to relax and add home comforts, like carpets and camping furniture. With the right camping accessories, you can transform your inflatable tent into a home on the go and a comfy space for the whole family.
For weekend adventures, short break or road trips, you may be better with a smaller, lighter air tent, that’s easier to carry and move around. Go for an inflatable tent that provides sufficient sleeping and living space, without too much extra room that you might not use on short breaks. See more here.


How to pitch an inflatable air tent
It’s easy! Here’s what you need to do:

1. Open your carry bag and lay your Outwell inflatable tent flat on the ground. If you can, place the rear corner so it’s facing towards the wind. This will ensure great stability and means you can sit under your front canopy without the wind blowing directly at you.

2. Stretch out the groundsheet and peg down the four corners using your Outwell air tent’s colour-coded pegging system.

3. Attach the supplied pump to the inflation valve. Before you inflate the air tent, open the front door to allow air inside as the tent rises.

4. Blow up the tent’s air frame until its firm and rigid to the touch. This will take seconds. Having someone inside the tent helping to lift the air tubes as they inflate will make pumping easier and reduce stress on the air frame.

5. Zip up all doors and windows before pegging the rest of the tent using your inflatable tent’s colour-coded pegging system.

Please refer to your Outwell air tent’s pitching guide for full details on how to pitch your inflatable tent.