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Buying Guide - Gas barbeque grill

Make the most of the sunny weather and cook up a storm with the perfect portable gas barbeque.

Cooking outside is great fun for all the family. From waking up at the campsite to sausages sizzling in the open air to lazy BBQs in the garden and park. It’s what summer is all about.

Buy gas bbqs online at Outwell and get free delivery on orders over £60. We have a wide selection of gas barbeques, grills, stoves and burners to suit every need. With international delivery to 26 countries, you’ll be enjoying that freshly cooked taste in no time.

Things to consider before you buy a gas barbeque

Why choose a camping gas barbeque?

  • Gas barbeques can be used anywhere and don’t need an electrical point. Unlike charcoal BBQs, gas versions heat up straight away, so there’s no waiting to reach the right temperature.
  • Gas barbeque are easy to use. You can control the temperature and adjust it to whatever you’re cooking. Which means food is less likely to burn or be raw in the middle.
  • Gas barbeques can handle windy weather and usually come with windshields and extra weather protection.
  • Gas barbeques can also keep going for ages, with gas cylinders and cartridges lasting a long time. They’re also safer than charcoal barbeques as they don’t produce any ash, which can be a fire risk on dry ground and blow into people’s faces.
  • Gas barbeques are easy to clean. Outwell portable gas grills come with an easily removable grill shelf, which you can take out after use to wash.

Terms explained

  • Outwell gas barbeques or grills – a BBQ or grill that runs on gas cylinders or cartridges. Use it for grilling sausages, bacon, fish, veggies and more. Food can be placed directly on the grill.
  • Outwell stoves or gas burners – your camping hob on the go. Use it with pots and pans for heating water and cooking food.

Where and how will you be using your gas barbeque?

Are you cooking for all the family? Or travelling light on a weekend camping trip? Do you want something light you can take to the park? Or will you mainly be using it in one place?

If you plan to use your gas BBQ regularly or as an addition to the garden, invest in one that will last longer and has extra features to make outdoor cooking easier. If you’ll be using it on-the-go for park trips, festivals or camping, go for a portable gas BBQ. These are lightweight and usually easier to clean.

Find your perfect gas barbeque

Match your gas barbeque to your needs.

Choose which scenario best fits you requirements to find your perfect gas barbeque.

Best family favourite

Go for a larger tabletop gas BBQ for plenty of room for a feast

If you’re cooking for family or friends, you need to buy a grill or burner with lots of room for everyone’s food. That way you can all eat together. A tabletop gas BBQ with side tables is ideal. This gives you lots of cooking space and somewhere to rest utensils and food. Ideal as a camping gas BBQ or as a garden BBQ.


Budget: Outwell Colmar Gas Grill – a sleek, chrome-plated steel gas BBQ with variable heat controls, lots of space for grilling and two spacious side tables.

Splurge: Outwell Corte Gas Grill – the king of gas barbeques, cast iron for strength and functionality, variable heating controls, lots of space and removable side tables.

Best portable gas bbq

Go for a small compact gas BBQ that you can take anywhere

Bring the BBQ to wherever you are with a portable gas grill. With no need for charcoal, these tabletop gas BBQs are a handy way to grill up a feast on the go. Simply load them with food and get cooking! Ideal for camping trips, festivals, days at the park or beach or as a caravan gas BBQ.


Budget: Outwell Asado BBQ Gas Grill – this compact portable gas BBQ comes with very stable fold out legs plus has a lid and handle.

Splurge: Outwell Crest Gas Grill BBQ – this highly portable gas BBQ weighs just 2kg making it lighter than light. There’s a variable heat control and removable non-stick grill for easy cleaning.

Cooking on camping gas

Most people find camping gas barbeques the most convenient and easiest way to cook outdoors. Outwell has developed sturdy, powerful, easy clean BBQs and grills that are a pleasure to use, wherever you are. To find out more about cooking with gas, safety tips and how to keep your gas barbeque in the best condition, head over to Outwell Academy.

Learn more about cooking with gas here 

Don’t forget the accessories!

Make sure you’ve got everything you need to enjoy your gas barbeque.

Gas regulators – these let you adjust the gas flow and allow Outwell LPG cylinder stoves to use EN 417 threaded cartridges.

Trinidad Gas Regulator 1 

Grill tongs – essential for turning food without burning your fingers.

Knifesets – a good knife set will make preparing food easier and quicker.

Caldas Knife Set with Cutting Board 

Chena Knife Set with Peeler 

Tableware – serve up your food in style on melamine tableware that can handle the rigours of outdoor life.

Hula L 

ECOLux 24l 

Where to buy an Outwell gas barbeque

View Outwell gas barbeques before you buy at one of our many dealerships across the UK. 

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