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Kids sleeping bag buying guide

Use this guide to find the best kids sleeping bag for your child

For happy nights at the campsite or on sleepovers, kit your kid out with the perfect children’s sleeping bag for their needs.

About our kids sleeping bag ranges

Contour Junior

Great for fun-filled family summer holidays.

These two season junior sleeping bags are made for laidback camping trips and fun sleepovers. There’s an in-built pillow for extra comfort and easier packing, and a zip on hood for chilly nights. The rectangular shape lets you fully open up the sleeping bag to turn it into a blanket or duvet, which is great for stargazing round the campfire. It also gives more wiggle room for kids that like to move in their sleep.

At 170cm long, this kids sleeping bag range is perfect for kid’s that are 140cm tall and under.

Contour Junior sleeping bags with pillow are available in 2 colours – Deep Blue and Red.

Outwell Contour Junior Deep Blue - see it here

Outwell Contour Junior Red - see it here

Convertible Junior

Long lasting kids sleeping bags that grow with your child.

Want a children’s sleeping bag that lasts for years? Go for a Convertible Junior sleeping bag. These clever sleeping bags are like children’s grow bags as they can be lengthened as your child gets older. Making them a very cost effective choice over the long-term. A great kids camping sleeping bag or kids sleepover bag, the Convertible Junior has a 2 season rating. This means the bags will keep kids toasty under canvas from late spring to early autumn. The mummy shape wraps round little legs, keeping them warmer and cosier. The shape also gives these kids sleeping bags are a more compact packsize.

Convertible Junior sleeping bags can be extended from 140cm to 170cm. The smaller length is the ideal size for a summer sleeping bags for toddlers. The sleeping bag should last until your child is around 9-10 years old.

Convertible Junior sleeping bags are available in 2 colours – Navy and Purple.

Outwell Convertible Navy - see it here 

Outwell Convertible Junior Purple - see it here 

Champs Kids

Easy zips, a shorter length and bright colours make this range ideal for younger kids.

Treat your kids to their first sleeping bag with a Champs Kids sleeping bag. A great starter sleeping bag for 3 year olds, 4 year olds, 5 year olds or 6 year olds, the zips have been specially designed for small hands to do themselves. Contrasting bright colours add extra fun, while the shorter length is perfectly proportioned for younger kids. So they’ll be comfortable all night.

Ideal for hot weather camping and sleepovers, these kids sleeping bags are 150cm long and will fit children up to 130cm tall.

Champs Kids junior sleeping bags are available in two colours – Ocean Blue and Deep Red.

Champ Kids Ocean Blue - see it here 

Champ Kids Deep Red - see it here

Why does your child need a junior sleeping bag?

Kids sleeping bags are specially designed to fit the size and shape of children, keeping them warmer and more comfortable all night long.

Can you just use an adult sized sleeping bag for your child?

For smaller children, it’s best not to. Unless your child is a teenager, an adult sleeping bag will be too large for your child. Sleeping bags that are too big mean lots of dead space at the sides and foot of the bag where pockets of cold air can form. This will make your child colder during the night, which can disrupt sleep. For a better night’s sleep, choose a children’s sleeping bag that fits their size.

Can I get a kids sleeping bag with pillow?

Yes. Outwell Contour Junior sleeping bags come with an in-built pillow for extra comfort wherever you are.

Can I get a kids sleeping bag that grows with my child?

Yes. Outwell Convertible Junior sleeping bags can be extended from 140cm to 170cm so they can lengthen as your child gets bigger. This means they will last for years and can be used for children from when they’re toddlers up to around 10 years old.

What’s the best children's sleeping bag for camping?

For camping trips, you want a kids sleeping bag that will keep them comfortable from dusk to dawn. Night’s can be chilly, even in summer. Outwell Contour Junior or Convertible Junior ranges are great choices, as they will keep kids warm from late spring to early autumn. You just have to decide whether you prefer the rectangular shape and in-built pillow that comes with Contour Junior sleeping bags. Or the extendable length and mummy shape of Convertible Junior sleeping bags.

What’s the best kids sleepover bag?

Looking for a kids sleeping bag that can be used at friend’s houses or overnight stays with relatives? The Champs Kids range is ideal. These lightweight children’s sleeping bags have a compact size for easy transportation and are a great thickness for sleepovers.

Is there a difference between girls’ sleeping bags and boys’ sleeping bag?

No, Outwell children’s sleeping bags are ideal for boys and girls. The differences come in the shape, features, length and colours.

What’s the difference between rectangular and mummy sleeping bags?

Rectangular kids sleeping bags are the same width all the way along the bag. This gives children more leg space for wiggling and means the bag can be fully opened up. Which lets it also be used a blanket or duvet.

Mummy shape kids sleeping bags are wider around at the top and taper off as the bag goes down the legs. Because bag wraps round the legs, there’s less space for cold air pockets to form so mummy shape junior sleeping bags usually keep children warmer. They also have a more compact pack size for easier carrying and storage.

What’s the best way to look after your kid sleeping bag?

  • All Outwell children’s sleeping bags are fully machine washable at 30°C
  • Dry your junior sleeping bag in a machine drier at a low temperature or lay it flat to drip dry. Never hang it to dry or the filling could clump
  • Make sure the sleeping bag is completely dry before storing it away. If it’s even slightly damp, it can go mouldy
  • Shake the sleeping bag before using it
  • Open the sleeping bag up and air it after use

See the sleeping bags care guide for more information. These can be found on each kids sleeping bag’s product page.

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