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Outwell Air Repair Tube - Red D Outwell Air Repair Tube - Red D Outwell Air Repair Tube - Red D

Air Repair Tube - Red D

4.70 - 6.15 m
£ 91.99
RRP £ 100.99
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4.70 - 6.15 m
1 Air Tube 4.70 - 6.15 m, 1 Air Tent Valve, 1 Valve Tool, 2 x adhesive tape strips
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An Outwell Air Repair Tube is a handy kit that contains everything needed to complete an in-the-field tube replacement in the unlikely event of damage. Each is colour coded to help you identify the relevant repair kit required for your tent model.
Easy to fit tube replacement
Roll to the right length
Diameter: 16 cm
Fits Outwell 2020 tents: Airville 6SA, Hartsdale 6PA, Airville 4SA, Hartsdale 4PA, Lindale 5PA, Rosedale 5PA, Parkdale 4PA, Knightdale 5PA, Rosedale 4PA, Lindale 3PA, Avondale 5PA, Roseville 4SA
Fits Outwell 2021 tents: Lindale 3PA, Lindale 5PA, Rosedale 4PA, Rosedale 5PA, Avondale 5PA, Oakdale 5PA, Parkdale 4PA, Pinedale 6PA, Hartsdale 6PA
Fits Outwell 2021 tents: Roseville 4SA, Jacksonville 5SA, Airville 6SA, Grandville 8SA, Mountain Lake 5ATC, Hayward 5ATC, Newburg 160 Air,Blossburg 380 Air
Fits Outwell 2022 tents: Jacksondale 5PA, Springville 4SA, Springville 5SA, Hayward Lake 4ATC
Fits Outwell 2023 tents: Starhill 4/5/6, Elmdale 3PA/5PA, Avondale 4PA/5PA, Parkdale 4PA/6PA, Oakdale 5PA, Sundale 5PA, Jacksondale 5PA, Springville 4SA/5SA, Airville 6SA, Wood Lake 5 ATC, Hayward Lake 4ATC/5ATC, Newburg 160 Air, Blossburg 380 Air
Fits Outwell 2023 vehicle awnings: Newburg 160 Air, Blossburg 380 Air
Fits Outwell 2024 tents: Sunhill 3/5 Air, Moonhill 5 Air, Stonehill 5 Air, Hayward Lake 4/5 Air TC, Wood Lake 5 Air TC, Parkdale 4PA, Oakdale 5PA, Jacksondale 5PA, Elmdale 3/5PA, Avondale 4/5PA, Sundale 5PA
Fits Outwell 2024 vehicle awnings: Newburg 160 Air