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Garden camping

Can’t get away? Bring camping fun to the garden with a night under canvas. The kids will love it.

Kids playing in front of tent
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Can’t get away? Bring camping fun to the garden with a night under canvas. The kids will love it.

Treat the kids to outdoor sleepover

You don’t have to travel anywhere for a great camping spot.

A back garden and a tent is all you need for a magical family sleepover.  Good times are guaranteed.

As everything is close to hand, you can go all out on the fun factor.

Why not create cosy nooks with cushions where the kids can chill out and relax? Or set up a play area filled with their favourite family games? Or even create a home beach with a paddling pool and sandpit?

For an authentic camping experience, cook dinner outside on a fire pit or BBQ and toast marshmallows under the stars.

End the day with stories round the campfire and warming cups of hot chocolate. Then sleep happy, knowing that breakfast and a loo are in easy reach. 

What you’ll need

You only need a shelter for the night so go for a small compact tent that fits neatly into your garden. The quick pitching Earth 4 has plenty of room for a family of four. Or if it’s just the kids having a campout, try the great value Cloud 2.

Sleeping bag
There’s something special about your first sleeping bag so treat the kids to one they can use for years. Like a Junior Convertible, which can be enlarged as the kids grow. Always choose a junior size for kids as it will keep them warmer and safer throughout the night. 

All you really need is a sleep system or blow up mattress. But for extra fun, go crazy with inflatable sofas and chairs that the kids will love to curl up on. A bedside table is handy for stashing phones, books, teddies and midnight snacks.

Turn the tent into an amazing hideout with a Coxa LED strip light, which can be hung inside or out. The dimmer switch lets it double as a night-light. Add in thermos flasks for hot chocolate and a fire pit for roasting marshmallows and you have the recipe for a magical night.